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2001 Paul Barlow

Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, located on the north east coast of Scotland, is often referred to as "The Oil Capital of Europe". The oil industry is a big attraction for workers from many overseas countries. Of course one of the key things most people want to know about is the climate.

Generally, Scotland is cloudier than England and no area can equal the sunshine durations of the Channel coast. However, on the whole, the differences are quite small if places of similar geographical location are compared. Taking the year as a whole, the eastern side of the country has the higher average sunshine. The relatively high latitude of Scotland means that, although winter days are very short, this is amply compensated by long summer days with an extended twilight. On the longest day of the year there is no complete darkness in the north of Scotland, and sports such as tennis and golf can be played for at least an hour longer than in the south of England.

The following graphs will give some ideas about the climate. After the graphs there are a number of pictures taken around the city.

Avansun.gif (10709 bytes) Avanrain.gif (10122 bytes) Abdsun.gif (9292 bytes) Abdrain.gif (9798 bytes) Abdtemp.gif (10185 bytes)
Average annual sunshine comparison Average annual rainfall comparison Aberdeen sunshine Aberdeen rainfall Aberdeen temperature

Picture gallery

golfcourse.jpg (40959 bytes) beachfront.jpg (30741 bytes) tallships2.jpg (41384 bytes) deebridge.jpg (31313 bytes) stonehaven.jpg (43409 bytes)
golf course
Aberdeen beachfront Tallships
Bridge of Dee
winter 1995
south of Aberden

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