My Garden by  Al Dormer (Canada) 

Dahliaís and Daisies, Delphiniums too,

In colours of red and yellow and blue,

Are mixed with some plants of a different hue,

There are Wallflowers and Lupines and Queen Anneís Lace,

Together with Foxgloves, and in their space,

A bunch of chrysanthemums that take pride of place. 


There are Bluebells and cowbells and white Alyssum,

That mingle with stocks and red Geranium,

The colours are lovely and really do please,

Whose scent is delightful and drifts on the breeze,


The Onions and Carrots are doing quite well,

Along with the Potatoes, that I can tell,

For the tops are dark green and sturdy and tall,

All will be harvested well before fall,


But I also have earwigs and beetles and lice,

Squirrels and chipmunks and quite a few mice,

The slugs are a nuisance; birds are a pest,

They peck out the flower heads on all of my best,


There are caterpillars about that live in a tent,

Thereís also a skunk, I can tell by itís scent,

A couple of moles have a hole in my lawn,

But I have a live trap, and Iíll get them at dawn,


The songbirds still sing and the hummingbirdís hum,

The crickets still cheep and a partridge still drums,

All of the creatures that live on my lands,

Are part of the garden that I made with my hands.


Reproduced with permission from Al Dormer, November 2003.

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Last updated on 05 November, 2003