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2001 Paul Barlow

Chrysanthemum Archives

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Articles - old and new

Cultivation of Late Flowering Sprays

Early Incurves - the poor relations (1992).

Och, you don't need cold fans in Aberdeen (1994)

Chrysanthemum Culture

Life and work of
Thomas W. Pockett.

Chrysanthemum growing
for the Sick, Disabled and  Handicapped

Hybridising Anemones
in New Zealand

Growing Late Singles
in New Zealand

Growing techniques

Chrysanthemum Celebration
(Growers in Scotland describe their methods with disbuds and sprays)


Reports on new releases

1994/5 Novelty Reports.

1995/6 Novelty Reports.

1996/7 Novelty Reports.

1997/8 Novelty Reports.

1998/9 Novelty Reports.

1999/00 Novelty Reports.

2000/01 Novelty Reports

2001/2002 Novelty Reports

2002/2003 Novelty Reports


Society Histories

Scottish Group.

Fife and Kinross C&D Society

Perth and District C&D Society


Photo Gallery 2000.

Seedlings and New Releases
Picture Gallery.

Picture Gallery.

Incurves Gallery.

Chrysanthemum book list.

Registration and exhibition
statistics 1980 -1999.

Journal 2000

Journal 2001

Journal 2002

Sydney Show 2000

Melbourne Show 2000.

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