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2001 Paul Barlow

Chrysanthemums in Scotland - Picture Gallery


Group stand Dundee 1996

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late-spray.jpg (27919 bytes) Phil.jpg (30741 bytes) Early-sprays.jpg (52089 bytes) Peter-Rowe.jpg (35859 bytes) Woolley-P.jpg (33500 bytes)
Late Sprays Large Exhibition 'Phil Houghton' Display of exhibition sprays Early Incurved 'Peter Rowe' October Flowering Reflexed
BV-JW.jpg (37928 bytes) cornetto.jpg (20779 bytes) pearl.jpg (41878 bytes) Early-sprays.jpg (52089 bytes) Rutland.jpg (34311 bytes)
Early Reflexed 'John Wingfield' Early Intermediate 'Cornetto' Early Reflexed 'Pearl Celebration' Early Sprays Early Reflexed 'Rutland'

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Last updated on 18 December, 2001