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Date last updated: 
16 February 2008

Greenhouse on the move
(updated 16 February, 2008 )

Midlands grower and Shirley Chrysanthemum Society member  Alan Clark  has a novel way of covering his chrysanths - he has constructed a mobile greenhouse outside an existing static greenhouse. During winter the outer greenhouse provides additional protection against the cold, while in summer the outer greenhouse is used to provide overhead protection.

The system is quick and easy to use because of the system of rollers supporting the outer greenhouse.

Alan - in among his chrysanthemums. This picture shows the outer greenhouse partly rolled out.
Here we see the outer greenhouse fully extended to give protection to plants growing in pots.
This old newspaper clipping shows Alan with an earlier version of the same set-up, demonstrating the the system of rollers used to move the outer greenhouse.

Thanks to Alan and Jack Gilbert for providing the pictures and information to enable this page to be created.


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.