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Date last updated: 
10 March 2008

Bagging tips from the Late Alan Hunter
(page updated 10 March 2008 )

Sadly Alan passed away on Sunday 9th March 2008. This page remains as a tribute to him and his love of chrysanthemums.

Top Midlands grower Alan Hunter shares his bagging method when using the very large bag (14"x16.5") for large intermediates such as 'Billy Bell' and 'Lynn Johnson'.

Alan says the very large bags are needed for these cultivars but the size of the bag means it can be rather unstable. 

Alan has found a simple way to add extra stability.

Note: Alan says this method is only suitable for conventional flat bags,  it will not work with gussetted bags as it is impossible to have a satisfactory double bag arrangement with this type of bag.

Alan uses the 'double bagging' method with a small but significant enhancement.

The basis of Alan's method is to attach two thin strips of plastic covered wire to the outside of what will be the inner bag. Each wire is continuous from the opening at the base, over the top and down to the opening on the opposite side.

This bag shows the wire attached to the bag, just to the left of the vertical glued seam.
Here we see the inner bag with both wires taped in place.
Now insert the bag with wires attached inside another bag.
Alan ensures that all buds are sprayed with insecticide prior to going into the large bags. (Bud of 'Yellow Billy Bell' illustrated).
Inflate the bag before placing over the bud.
Adjust the shape of the bag to ensure maximum size. 
Job done!

See how the addition of the wires helps to maximise the space within the bag and helps reduce the likelihood of the bag collapsing.

Alan uses a four inch electric cable tie to secure the bag around the stem and ensure a tight fit between bag and stem.

The end result - one of Alan's vases of 'Lynn Johnson' gaining a 'Best in Show' award.

With Thanks to Jack Gilbert for taking the photos.


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.