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Date last updated: 
02 February 2012

Chrysanthemum Information Centre - Archive
(latest update - 02 February 2012)

This page contains descriptions of all items that have appeared on the Information Centre homepage but are no longer considered to be recent news or relevant. This 'archive' page will probably be updated every month or so. If you missed an original entry on the homepage then you should be able to find it here. 

Articles, News and Updates:
Major News for 2007 (item added 9th December 2006)
NCS-UK announce that all registered cultivars of any classification may now be shown as sprays. This may be a great idea but what happened to the trials and consultation period and the opportunity for members to discuss and debate the desirability or otherwise of such a sweeping change?

Congratulations!! National Late show winners.  (item added 7th November 2006)
Information is coming in about the 2006 U.K. National Late Show. Congratulations to Barry and Pauline Bickerdyke on winning the class for five vases of decoratives, gaining the Best Vase in Show award for their vase of Cerise Patricia Millar (picture below from Jack Gilbert) and gaining the Bentley Trophy for the Exhibit of Most Merit. It really doesn't get much better than this! Click this link to view the 2006 Shows page
Other winners include Ivor Mace (18 Large Exhibition), Sheila Johnson (18 Medium Exhibition), John Hobbs ( five vases of Incurved), Peter Fawcett (Large Singles). 
More details and  pictures coming shortly.

2007 Novelties Preview.  (item added 25th October 2006)
Information is coming in about 2007 Novelties and is now available on the 'New Releases' page. This page contains all the information I currently have available and is not meant to be a definitive list of all 2007 releases. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.
Click here for 2007 Novelties Preview

Early Show reports 2006.  (item added 3rd October 2006)
Show reports are now available for many of the shows in Scotland and a number of other major shows.  
Click this link for Early Show Reports 2006

Directory of Popular Cultivars (updated 28th August 2006)
Directory updated with new entries for Intermediate cultivars in all sections (Early, Late, October). Also a few more new entries for Reflexed cultivars have been added.

Directory of Popular Cultivars (updated 24th August 2006)
Directory updated with more entries for Late flowering Singles, with thanks to Nick Trotman for supplying the pictures. New entries have also been added for many Reflexed cultivars in all sections (Early, Late, October).

Directory of Popular Cultivars (updated 31st July)
Directory updated with initial entries for Late flowering Singles, with thanks to Richard and Sheila Coles for their contribution of pictures and cultural information. 

Directory of Popular Cultivars (updated 2nd July)
Directory updated with initial entries for Early and Late flowering spray cultivars. 

Timely advice from Harry Lawson (published 19th June)
Some timely advice on feeding from Harry Lawson:
18th June 2006 - by now Plants should look good; the warmer weather will certainly bring forth the buds of earlies, I am counter acting by using Calcium Of Nitrate to soften the over ripeness & make growth. Lots of people use either Ammonia Sulphate /Ammonia Nitrate in liquid form, I am great believer in watching the weather pattern. My main liquid feed are 9oz of Urea & 7oz Nitrates of Potassium to 5 litres of water stock solution then 25mls to gallon of water. 1 pint to whatever the plants are grown in. This will help even growth. Once the side shoots appear they get 9oz Nitrates of Potassium & 7 oz of Urea to Gallon of water stock solution & 30mls to gallon of water. You can give them this via the spraying programme, I use this three times during the growth phase with Maxicrop added. This is very safe. 
A word of warning: Never spray in strong sunlight. Early Morning or late at night is best. If you have any queries contact Harry by e-mail:

Directory of Popular Cultivars (published 16th June)
This is a new initiative to create a single point of reference for U.K. growers.  Each cultivar in the directory will have as a minimum, information about the classification, colour and size. As the directory expands additional information will be added, such as pictures, cultural techniques and hopefully stopping times by broad geographic region. To begin with, the directory focuses primarily on popular U.K. exhibition disbud cultivars, but over time there is no reason why coverage should not expand to include other popular sections such as sprays, and non-exhibition sections.

New Gallery - Dennis Maher's photos of Fantasy Chrysanthemums 
(published 12th June)
Use this link to 'The World of Fantasy Chrysanthemums' page, 

News from Canada - Hamilton C&D Society Show (published 9th June)
Hamilton Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society show - 20th-29th October at Gage Park Hamilton. Theme for the show is 'A walk in the woods'.
For details contact Sheila Munday by e-mail   or check the details  on the website

White Rust information page (published 3rd June, extended 7th June)
A new page providing information about Chrysanthemum White Rust, how to recognise the disease and how to handle it. Also read comments from Frank Mastramano (USA) on first hand experience with the disease
Click here for Chrysanthemum White Rust page

Global Calendar (updated 26th May)
The Global Events Calendar is now updated with currently available information. Use the navigation link in header area to view the contents of the calendar.

Regional News and Information page (published 7th June)
A new page providing information for growers in Scotland. Additional pages can easily be created for news in your area/region. Please send your details by e-mail.
Click the link in the left hand navigation bar. 

Picture Gallery 2006 (added 26th May)
This new page will be updated from time to time as new pictures become available. The first pictures were kindly supplied by Ivor Mace and show NCS-UK floral displays at Malvern Spring Show and Chelsea Flower show. Thanks Ivor. 
Click here for the 2006 Picture Gallery.

New Article - The world of Fantasy Chrysanthemums (added 7th May 2006)
An excellent article by Dennis Maher (Australia) with drawings by Mikio Okanoya (Japan). Originally published in 'Chrysanthemums Down Under' and reproduced with kind permission from Dennis Maher. This is probably the most comprehensive and informative article yet written on this fascinating section of chrysanthemums.
Click here for 'The World of Fantasy Chrysanthemums'

New Page added - Classification changes (announced 17th May 2006)
This new page shows recent changes in classification for some U.K. exhibition cultivars. Use the link on the left side of this page to view Classification changes.

National Society News item (added 12th May 2006)
NCS-UK will present a  Floral display at the Chelsea Flower Show 22nd to 27th May. The NCS are on Stand A9 in The Great Pavilion.

UK National Shows 2006 (added 17/04/06)
The U.K. Early National will be held at the County Showground, Stafford on 9th and 10th September. 

The U.K. Late National will also be held at the County Showground, Stafford on 3rd and 4th November. 

Both shows are well worth a visit to see the standards achieved by the country's top exhibitors.

Click here for Shows location map.

U.S.A. National Show details
Information provided by Carmen Keister 

 "We are having a National Show and Convention on 10/18/06 through 10/22/06 at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Virginia. 

The Old Dominion Chrysanthemum Society is hosting the show and the NCS is handling the Convention."

New Page added - Classification changes (announced 17th May 2006)
This new page shows recent changes in classification for some U.K. exhibition cultivars. Use the link on the left side of this page to view Classification changes.

Updates notification list  
News items will typically appear as soon as they become available, substantial additions and new articles will also be announced by e-mail to my global notification list - if you are not on the list please contact me to have your details included. 

NCS U.K. Membership Drive
Information from Peter Fraser NCS U.K. membership manager (5/4/06):

"On the membership front we are having a real push at the Harrogate Spring Show with a 1000 leaflets going out, 800 to be issued with the sale of plants and the rest in the Society marquee".

New Releases 2006
Page updated with comments and some pictures
(updated 14/04/06)


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.