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Date last updated: 
17 December 2012

Chrysanthemum Information Centre
(First published 04 April 2006, latest update - 17 December 2012)
New articles and news items:
2013 Novelties page now available (1st December 2011)
Ivor Mace's 2013 Novelties resport now available on-line.
Click => New Releases 2013

Unique addition to web-based chrysanthemum information. (4th April 2012)
Chrysanthemum Hydroponics by Eric Anderton. 
Click => Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
New pages focusing on Eric Anderton's anemones (March 2012)
Eric Anderton's anemone centred seedlings. Click => Focus on Anemones

New pages on snowdrops after a visit to Cambo Estate in Fife  (17th February 2012)
Snowdrops at Cambo - views around the estate and some 'zoomable' close-ups.
Click => Cambo snowdrops

Daffodils - (11th February 2012)
New pages zooming in on the simple beauty of Daffodils. 
Click to view => Zoom in on Daffs

Lots of new pages with 'zoomable' images (3rd February 2012)
A new way of looking at images on-line. Get up close to the 2011 UK national champions and best vase exhibits. Magnify the image to view every petal! 
Click => ZOOM 

Early Flowering Sprays  (25th January 2012)
Focus on early sprays for garden decoration - Click for new => Sprays page

2012 Novelties pages updated  (21st January 2012)
Novelties page extended with additional information and photos including Ivor Mace's 2012 Novelties Summary. 
Click for => New Releases 2012 
Click for =>
  Ivor's 2012 Novelties summary
2012 Novelties page now available (1st December 2011)
Novelties page created with currently available information on new releases for 2012.
Click => New Releases 2012

November 2011 updates
16th November
MAJOR UPDATE TO UK LATE SHOWS REPORTS including Group Shows, Local Shows and UK Late National. Click => Show Reports then choose the link for 'All Late Shows'
15th November
Frank Charlton's Bloom Bags and Horticultural Supplies now open for business. Click => Horticultural Supplies

5th November
Disposal of chrysanthemum publications. Click Publications disposal
First reports from Late Shows now available. Click =>
Show Reports
2nd November
Details of newly registered early sprays and disbuds. Click => Show Reports

Chrysanthemums - the Ultimate E-book  now available (9th June 2011)
New on-line publication by Ivor Mace and Paul Barlow, available to purchase via Ivor's website. Click =>
2011 Novelties page now available (28th November 2010)
Novelties page updated with further information on new releases for 2011.
Click => New Releases 2011

Two new Guest articles now available (1st February 2010)
Max Stockton's USA Visit           and             Murray Thompson's Newsletter
2010 Novelties page now available (1st December 2009)
A new page containing all information currently available on new releases for 2010.
Click => New Releases 2010

New section on Lates added to 'my year in pictures and video' (23rd June 2009)
A new series of pages covering growing Lates in 2009 is now available. The new pages include narrative, still pictures and a video clip. 
Click => My year in pictures and video

New video and filmstrip features introduced (updated 12th March 2009)
A new series of pages - My year in pictures and video' is now available and includes both video and pictures in the form of a filmstrip. Also available is a filmstrip showing a selection of 2008 Exhibits. Click => My year in pictures and video
Classification Changes 2009  (updated 22nd January 2009)
Latest news and information on UK classification changes, including cultivars under review in 2009, - click Classification changes link on the left-hand side.
Substantial updates to Cultivar Directory (published 7th January 2009)
The UK Directory of Popular Cultivars has been substantially updated with additions/amendments in the following sections:
 Early SprayS
  September and October Reflexed
All Incurved sections
Late Singles
Large and Medium Exhibition
All intermediate sections.
All new entries are also included in the ‘Find by Name’ facility.

If you would like to contribute to the directory with pictures and/or cultural information please do so using the on-line form or by e-mail.

Please feel free to share this information with your fellow growers. 

New article "66 Chempaks in a 16x8" now available  (published 19th December 2008)
This article covers my growing methods with the Chempak Rose family. 
Click here => 66 Chempaks
Spring-Loaded bud straightener  (published 1st December 2008)
Midlands Grower Alan Clark has come up with a novel way to correct a cocked bud. No longer does Alan have to re-adjust the position of the straightener as the stem lengthens - this method  takes care of the adjustment automatically!  
Click here => Spring-loaded
2009 UK Novelties  (published 23rd November 2008)
2009 Novelties page updated with more information and pictures. Including new releases from John Peace, Richard & Sheila Coles, Bill Fulton and Southway Nurseries.
Click the link on the left hand side. 
2008 Garden Forms Update  (published 18th November 2008)
Judy barker shares many of her pictures from the trials and on her allotment. Pictures were taken between September and November 2008 and show the versatility of these attractive cultivars. Click the link to the right =>  Section 21 - Garden Forms.  
2009 UK Novelties  (published 18th November 2008)
News just in from Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums - Yellow Kay Woolman (13b Y) is being released for 2009. Further details on the 'New Releases' page and Frank's website
2009 UK Novelties  (published 30th September 2008)
Information about 2009 Novelties is beginning to arrive, details of some of the new cultivars for next year are now available on the 'New Releases' page. Click the link on the left hand side. 
Show Reports 2008  (published 22nd September 2008)
The first reports from 2008 Early Shows are now available, initial coverage includes shows in Scotland plus UK Early National and Northern Group shows. 
Click Here to view the Shows '08 homepage => Show Reports 2008
The White Rust Dossier  (published 3rd August 2008)
This is a new collection of pages and links on the subject of chrysanthemum white rust. Several UK growers share their experiences with the disease. Use the link on the left hand side to view these new pages. Or Click Here => White Rust Dossier
Dennis Maher's 2007, China Experience  (added  29th July 2008)
Dennis, from Sydney, Australia, kindly shares with us his ‘trip of a lifetime’ to the 9th China Chrysanthemum Exhibition and the 16th Annual Meeting of the Chrysanthemum Association of China (Including an International Workshop). In these new pages Dennis provides details of his trip and also several galleries containing the many stunning pictures he took while on his travels.
Click here to view these new pages =>
Dennis Maher's 2007 China Experience
Directory of Chrysanthemum Ailments (added 10th July 2008)
A new on-line directory containing details of many common chrysanthemum ailments, including pests, diseases and nutritional disorders. The directory is the result of a joint effort with Ivor Mace. Click here to access the directory => Chrysanthemum Ailments
Growers Leaf problem (added 26th May 2008)
A growers has sent in a picture of a leaf that he is concerned about, please take a look at the picture and if you can identify this problem let us know. Click =>  Leaf problem
Section 21 - Garden Forms.  (updated 1st May 2008) 
Judy Barker has provided additional information for her Garden Forms pages with details of cultivars involved in Field Yrials at Wisley this year.  
Click the 2008 Trials link on Judy Barker - Garden Forms

Promoting Chrysanthemums - Blooming Great Daisies!  (updated 1st May 2008) 
A chrysanthemum promotion page based on an attractive paper leaflet published by New Zealand NCS – it’s interesting to see how other Societies promote the chrysanthemum. I guess we can all learn from each other. Thanks to NCS-NZ for sharing their leaflet. Click to view => Blooming Daisies
Section 21 - Garden Forms.  (updated 2nd April 2008) 
Judy Barker writes about her collection of what are now called 'Section 21 - Garden Forms'. This includes Koreans, Rubellums and hardy sprays. Judy's collection is a fully accredited registered National Collection and is featured on the website of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens. Also included is a page containing notes from Wisley Trials and pictures of the cultivars involved.
Click here to view => Judy Barker - Garden Forms

TW Pockett page -150 years Celebration exhibition (updated 25th March 2008) 
With kind permission from David Pockett - an opportunity to view some of the family history of Thomas W Pockett and read about his achievements. 
Click here to view this new page=> 
TW Pockett - 150 Year Celebration
Cultivar Review 2007 & Journal 2007 (updated 21st March 2008) 
A little late but finally a brief assessment of the performance of cultivars grown in 2007 and dates of key events for each cultivar.
Click here to view these pages=> Cultivar Review 2007   and    Journal 2007

An Interview with New Zealand Grower - Ashley Booth
(updated 21st March 2008) 
Successful New Zealand grower Ashley Booth talks to NZ NCS editor Derek Olphert about his methods and we get to see his chrysanthemum house and some of his blooms. Click here to view this page=> Ashley Booth Interview
New link on Chrysanthemum Signpost  (updated 13th March 2008) 
The Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association, Seattle, WA, USA.
Click here to view this site=> Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association

National Chrysanthemum Society  (updated 10th March 2008) 
The National Society now has a new and updated website.
Click here to view the new site=> National Chrysanthemum Society

Greenhouse on the move! (added 16th February 2008)
Midlands grower and Shirley Chrysanthemum Society member  Alan Clark  has constructed a mobile greenhouse outside an existing static greenhouse. View the pictures of this system in operation. Click => Mobile Greenhouse

Classification Changes 2008  (updated 10th February 2008)
Latest news and information on UK classification changes, including cultivars under review in 2008, - click Classification changes link on the left-hand side.
2007 Late Shows - more results (updated 18th November 2007) 
More Late Shows results now available, including Northern Group Late Show, Bishop Aukland and other shows in the North East, Chester Millennium, North West Counties, several West Midlands shows and shows in the South East of England.   If your show isn't yet listed there's still time, just send your pictures and show info to me by e-mail and I'll do the rest. 
Click here for 2007 Show results pages =>  2007 Show Results 

2007 Late Shows results (updated 6th November 2007) 
UK Late National Show results now available. Further Late Shows results to follow shortly.  Don't forget that there is no limit to the number of shows that can be included, so if your show isn't yet listed just send your pictures and show info to me by e-mail and I'll do the rest. 
Click here for 2007 Show results pages =>  2007 Show Results 

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums (item updated 24th September 2007)
The website for Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums is now updated with information for 2008 and orders can now be placed. 
Click here to access the updated website

2007 Show results (updated 10th September 2007) 
Early Show results just published for UK Early National and various other shows throughout the UK.  Don't forget that there is no limit to the number of shows that can be included, so if your show isn't yet listed just send your pictures and show info to me by e-mail and I'll do the rest. 
Click here for 2007 Show results pages =>  2007 Show Results 

2007 Show results (updated 28th August 2007) 
The Early Show season is now upon us and the first results are beginning to come in. The Show results pages for 2007 are now published and will be updated regularly as more results and picture become available. Don't forget that there is no limit to the number of shows that can be included, so if your show didn't appear last year it can certainly be included this year. Send your pictures and show info to me by e-mail and I'll do the rest. Click here for 2007 Show results pages =>  2007 Show Results 
Chrysanthemum Societies and Growers Network (updated 27th July 2007) 
Recent entries in the Societies network include Forest of Dean CS, Northumberland & Durham C&D and South London & Bexleyheath CS - click the Growers Network link on the left-hand side.
New website for Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums (item updated 25th April 2007)
I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new website developed specifically for  Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums. This website currently contains the 2007 Chrysanthemum Catalogue and will be updated for 2008 late August/Early September. 
Click here for the new website

New  entries in Directory of Cultivars  (item added 2nd March 2007)
New entries added into the sections for Spray Chrysanthemums. Also, a new on-line form for submitting information for inclusion in the directory. The link to the Directory is in the left-hand navigation panel.
Chrysanthemum Societies and Growers Network (item added 26th February 2007)
Introducing a new development to provide Societies and individuals with a web page or several pages to advertise society events and shows and provide contact information.  Your Society or personal page can contain pictures and other information you wish to share with growers. The whole purpose of the Network is to demonstrate the extent of the support infrastructure to prospective and existing chrysanthemum growers. 

Use this link to view the Societies and Growers Network.

New  Zealand NCS  (item added 13th January2007)
There is now a new website for the New Zealand National Chrysanthemum Society. The new site has been developed jointly with the NZ-NCS team over recent weeks and is now publicly available. Click here for the NZ-NCS website.
The link to the NZ-NCS site is also listed under 'Regional Pages'. 
If you would like a similar website to promote your society please get in touch, I'll be happy to discuss this with you. 

Judy Barker
Section 21 - Garden Forms

Interview with New Zealand Grower Ashley Booth

Harry Lawson's seedlings

Deep Salmon

'Hannah Boote'

'Herbie McCauley'

Red reflex

Bagging tip from 
the Late Alan Hunter 

Top Midlands grower Alan Hunter shares his bagging method when using the very large bag (14"x16.5") for large intermediates such as 'Billy Bell' and 'Lynn Johnson'. 
Click here for 
Alan's Bagging Tip

U.K. Chrysanthemum forms
An updated page showing diagrams and photos of some of the popular forms.

Chrysanthemum Forms

U.K. Chrysanthemum Classifications
Explanation of the coding system used used to classify cultivars for type, size, flowering time and colour. 

Classification system



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