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Date last updated: 
18 July 2012

New Releases Archives
The following information provides a bit of history of novelties released in recent years

2008 Novelties Preview 

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2008. This page contains all the information I currently have available and may not be a definitive list of all 2008 releases. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Additional pictures for this section were kindly provided by Ivor Mace, Harry Lawson, John Peace, Richard Coles and Peter Fraser. 

Please check with suppliers catalogues for confirmation of 2008 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. Suppliers contact information is available by clicking the link on the left hand side.

Most pictures are in thumbnail form - click each small image to view a larger version. 

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums
nov08-alan-brown-25aw.jpg (29615 bytes) Alan Brown - 
raised by Peter Fraser.
Debbie Charlton - 
a Bill Hannah raising.
nov08-debbie-charlton-25bp.jpg (54234 bytes)
Alan Brown
25a White
Debbie Charlton
25b Pink
Richard and Sheila Coles
nov08-golden-showers-7bdy.jpg (26374 bytes) nov08-zoe-russell-7alp.jpg (23099 bytes) nov08-twyford-gold-7by.jpg (29025 bytes)
Golden Showers
7b Deep Yellow
Zoe Russell
7a Light Pink
Twyford Gold
7b Yellow
John Peace Chrysanthemums
nov08-marji-evans-7bpu.jpg (45063 bytes)
Marji Evans
7b Purple
Southway Nurseries
nov08-caukeel-cracker-29d.jpg (49569 bytes) nov08-pearl-myss-marion-29.jpg (40552 bytes) nov08-red-southway-savoy-29dr.jpg (47975 bytes)
Caukeel Cracker
Pearl Myss Marion Red Southway Savoy
nov08-southway-sugar-29d.jpg (43586 bytes) nov08-natalie-sarah-29dw.jpg (35655 bytes) nov08-southway-superior-29d.jpg (59178 bytes)
Southway Sugar
Natalie Sarah
29d White
Southway Superior

In addition to the above cultivars it is understood that the following will also be available:
- My Patricia 29c Light Salmon
- Myss Martina 29c Bronze
- Southway Solo 29d Other Colours

George Freestone
nov08-dennis-turner-15bcr.jpg (51166 bytes) nov-08-mancetta-marvel-3by.jpg (24053 bytes) nov08-sylvia-bryans-5ap.jpg (32428 bytes)
Dennis Turner
15b Cream
Mancetta Marvel
3b Y
Sylvia Bryans
5a Pink

awaiting picture

awaiting picture
Les Proctor
25b White
Elsecar Heritage
25b Bronze
Halls of Heddon
Bobby Swinburn
13b Light Pink
Geoff Amos
3b Deep Yellow

awaiting picture

Doris Ozols
25a LY

(These are all Harry Lawsons seedlings)
John Nevill
nov08-harry-tolley-4ap.jpg (36999 bytes)
Harry Tolley
4b Pink
National Chrysanthemum Society

Best Man 29d R

Raised by Basil Masters of Enbee fame, this follows Basilís wedding theme. It is a tomato red single and looks a good exhibition cultivar, one Basil is very pleased with.

Quite tall at 4ft 6 ins a strong grower.

nov08-bestman-ncs.jpg (41350 bytes)

Golden Enbee Wedding 29d LB

A good enbee sport from Basil Masters and Chris Webber. We saw this colour before, but this time the blooms have real quality. Habit as parent. Exhibitors banker.

awaiting picture

Enbee Honeymoon 29aY RFA, a neat yellow anemone centered bloom, like a small Oriel, more for the cut flower market.

awaiting picture

Holywell Olympic 29c B

Raised by Bob Newton in Somerset, the first of a number of new cultivars. A rich golden double after the style of Myss Goldie. Looks good for cutting and exhibition. All of Bobís cultivars are strong growers, this one certainly 4ft in height.

nov08-holywell-olympic.jpg (47749 bytes)

Holywell Sunshine 29d Y, a bright yellow single, flat petal lay, looks promising for exhibition as well as a good cut flower. Good strong grower.

nov08-holywell-sunshine-29dy.jpg (43646 bytes)

Holywell Catkin 29c Y,

A bright yellow double, worth a try. Best as cut flower.

nov08-holywell-katkin-ncs.jpg (33374 bytes)

Holywell Citrus 29c B,

An orange /bronze double, nice colour change, good for cutting.

nov08-holywell-citrus-29cb.jpg (46836 bytes)

Holywell Girl 29c P,

A pleasant pink double, good for cutting, possible exhibition cultivar

nov08-holywell-girl-29cp.jpg (41696 bytes)

 The Holywell range of sprays are bred by Bob Newton from Wellington Somerset and have been donated to the NCS.

Also October Flowering Incurve

Bryony Wade 13b Lpu

An October flowering Incurve that will perform well as an Early or a Late . Good cutting flower. Given to the NCS by Bill Wade, it is named after his Grandaughter.

awaiting picture

All Plants £2.00 each. Details on NCS Website.

(reproduced with permission from NCS)

2007 Novelties Preview 

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2007.  

Pictures in this section were kindly provided by Ivor Mace, Harry Lawson, Nick Trotman and Peter Fraser. 

Please check with suppliers catalogues for confirmation of 2007 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. Suppliers contact information is available by clicking the link on the left hand side.

George Freestone
nov07-apeace2.jpg (14330 bytes) nov07-betty-deeming.jpg (14203 bytes) nov07-spayne.jpg (15324 bytes)
'Allyson Peace'
14a Yellow
Raised and released by 
George Freestone
'Betty Deeming'
25b Yellow
Raised and released by
George Freestone
'Sid Paine'
25a Yellow
Raised and released by 
George Freestone
nov07-Mark-Hall-7bW.jpg (13878 bytes)
'Mark Hall'
7b White
Raised and released by 
George Freestone
Frank Charlton
nov07-jcharlton.jpg (37115 bytes) nov07-warkworth-pf.jpg (6581 bytes)
'Joyce Charlton'
24b Red
Raised by Peter Fraser, released by
Frank Charlton
25b Yellow
Raised by Peter Fraser, released by
Frank Charlton
Southway Nurseries
nov07-caukeel-copper.jpg (30563 bytes) nov07-southway-santa.jpg (28387 bytes) nov07-southway-savoy.jpg (16701 bytes)
'Caukeel Copper'
29c Light Bronze
Raised and released by
Southway Nurseries
'Southway Santa'
29d Red
Raised and released by
Southway Nurseries
'Southway Savoy'
29d Purple?
Raised and released by
Southway Nurseries
nov07-southway-sunkissed.jpg (28993 bytes)
'Southway Sunkissed'
29d Yellow
Raised and released by
Southway Nurseries
Richard Coles
gipsy-queen.jpg (38889 bytes) ruby-glow.jpg (44346 bytes)
'Gypsy Queen'
7b Pu
'Ruby Glow'
7b LR
Ian Moss - Beechwood Chrysanthemums
trident-medex.JPG (52962 bytes)
'Trident' 2 LB
Raised by John Neville
available for 2007 through
 Ian Moss
National Chrysanthemum Society
nov07-enbee-gift-29dOC.jpg (61939 bytes)
'Enbee Gift'
 29d OC 

New Releases 2006

New cultivars thought to be available to the general public for 2006. It is advisable to check with the supplier concerned to avoid disappointment. 

Please note - pictures and comments relating to some of these new cultivars are now available and included below. 

List of cultivars with Suppliers name in brackets:

Alfredo Mauve (Chrysanthemum Company)
Bronze Gigantic (I Mace)
Burnwood Belle (H.Walker) 
Caukeel Cadet (Southway) 
Charlie Gallimore (Peace) 
Clive Skinner (Charlton) 
Cream Egret (Charlton) 
Cream John Wingfield (Charlton) 
Cream Gillette (Charlton)
Cream Talbot Maid (Horn)
Don't Start (Coles) 
Dorothy Weaver (Freestone) 
Glebe Glory (Charlton) 
Hartshill (Freestone) 
Honey Elsie King (Charlton) 
Jessica Lynn (Charlton) 

The following are thought to be available from the N.C.S.
Goshu Penta (NCS)

Kiyoni No Meisui (NCS)
Senkyo Karyu (NCS)

Jos Atkinson (Charlton)
Kokka Bunmi (Youell)
Mary's Miracle (Neville) 
Myss Carol (Southway) 
Myss Marion (Southway) 
Myss Saffron (Southway) 
Norton Vic (H.Walker) 
Purple Inspiration (Coles) 
Purple Margaret Dixon (Surrey C&D Soc)
Senkyo Kenshin (Youell)
Senkyo Usuzo (Youell)
Sheila Harris (Freestone) 
Southway Shimmer (Southway) 
Southway Snowcat (Southway) 
Southway Summit (Southway) 
Yellow Rosa Hockedy (Freestone)

Click here for a list of Suppliers and their contact details.

Suppliers Ė if you wish to be added to the suppliers page please contact me.

Comments on some of the new cultivars
Jos Atkinson, 25A Yellow. A Peter Fraser raising, a big yellow intermediate that looks to have both size and form to make it on the show bench. 

Clive Skinner, 25B Pink. A tight medium intermediate, a Bill Hannah raising.

Jessica Lynn, 25B Light Pink. Another from Bill Hannah, appears to be a very solid flower.

Cream John Wingfield, 24B Cream. Likely to follow all the other Wingfields and be a winner on the show bench. Early thoughts suggest it will be equally as good as the other Wingfields. 

Cream Egret, 23B Cream. If you are a fan of Egret than this is one for you to try. 

Charlie Galimore, 24 B Pink. A lovely pink medium reflex bred by Harry Lawson. Looks promising, has good form. Named after the well known northern grower.

Myss Saffron, 29C Yellow. A bright yellow double suitable for the show bench and cut flower, will carry 6 good blooms per stem.

Southway Shimmer, 29D Yellow Single. Highly rated buttercup yellow single. 

Southway Snowcat, 29D White Single. A good prospect for the show bench. 

Caukeel Cadet, 29C Red Double. A neat flower recommended for cutting.

Miss Marion, 29C Cream Double. Brings plenty of well spaced blooms per stem, should make a show flower, and also good for cut flower. 

Southway Summit, 29D Light Bronze Single. A lovely neat bloom for cutting and show. 

Myss Carol, 29C Yellow Double. A good prospect with 5 or 6 blooms per head. A potential winner. 

Mary's Miracle, 14A Pink. A huge bloom that will not be short on size,  Bred from Dorridge Crystal with all proceeds going to The Chemotherapy unit of Walsall Manor Hospital. Could possibly be grown as a late on 2nd crown. 

Burntwood Belle, 3b White. A Fairweather seedling of similar height (3 feet). An 8.5 inch pot is recommended with 3 or 4 blooms per plant. 

Norton Vic, 5B Purple. A purple medium intermediate with silver reverse. A Fairweather x Daily Mirror seedling growing to about 4feet. Grow 2nd crown and 3 blooms per plant. 

Bronze Gigantic, 1 Bronze. A sport from the popular Large Exhibition Gigantic. Possibly a little bigger than Gigantic and Golden Gigantic. Will match the Silver and Amber sports. A must for the section 1 fans. 

'Don't Start'. 7A Pink. An excellent new large late single. Won the seedling of the year at the Late National. It is not often that good new large singles become available. 

'Purple Inspiration' 7B A deep purple medium single, seen on good form at the Late National Show. Good form and super colour. 

Hartsill, 25B White. A Medium Intermediate. Good size and form. May finish like an incurve. 

Yellow Rosa Hockeday, 25B Yellow. A Medium Intermediate with good size and form.

Dorothy Weaver, 25B Bronze. A Medium Intermediate with a lovely bronze Colour. 

Mary Sweeney, 29D Yellow Single, - comes highly recommended. 

Sheila Harris, 3B Bronze Medium Intermediate. One for the show bench, rated highly by some top growers

The following pictures are shown courtesy of Ivor Mace, click on the thumbnail image to reveal a larger picture.

Pictures of some of the 2006 releases

Bronze Gigantic-pb.jpg (11713 bytes)

Burntwood Belle-pb.jpg (39334 bytes) Cream John Wingfield-pb.jpg (18605 bytes)
Bronze Gigantic Burntwood Bell Cream John Wingfield
Jos Atkinson-pb.jpg (19151 bytes) Don't Start-pb.jpg (26791 bytes) Myss Carol-pb.jpg (34039 bytes)
Jos Atkinson Dont Start Myss Carol
Norton Vic-pb.jpg (33128 bytes) Mary's Miracle-pb.jpg (26323 bytes) Purple Inspiration-pb.jpg (25278 bytes)
Norton Vic Mary's Miracle Purple Inspiration
Southway Snowcat-pb.jpg (24730 bytes) Myss Marion-pb.jpg (27760 bytes) Southway Summit-pb.jpg (40932 bytes)
Southway Snowcat Myss Marion Southway Summit

© Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.