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Date last updated: 
30 December 2012

New Releases for 2013 

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2013. This page has been compiled using pictures and information kindly supplied by Ivor Mace and contains all the information I currently have available, it may not represent a definitive list all 2013 releases. This page will be updated if new information becomes available.

New Cultivars 2013
report By Ivor Mace

There is nothing more exciting for a grower of specialist plants than to try out a new variety.   Every year hybridisers release new cultivars of chrysanthemums and there is always something to whet your appetite.  This year there are not quite as many new ones on offer but the ones Iíve seen certainly look good. 

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums, 3 Ashleigh Gardens, Cleadon, South Tyneside, SR6 7QA. 

Dawn Charlton 14a Light Bronze, early flowering large reflexed.
Another one of John Neville's fantastic seedlings.  It  won the seedling class at Harrogate 2011. As an early it will need a  Stop 20th March.   If grown as a late you need to stop about 15th June on second crown.   Height 4ft 6 inches Grow 2 or 3 per plant.  Suggest 2 up in a pot and 3 up in the ground.

Richard E Coles, Chrysanthemums, 52 Twyford Ave, Raunds,Northants, NN9 6HD

Bronzeage Firebird

Firebird 7b - Red Ė Late flowering medium single, Height 4', Root Mid Feb, First stop end April, second stop 20th June, Flower 15 down to 6 to flower.

Bronzeage 7b - Bronze Ė Late flowering medium single, Height 4', Root Mid Feb, First stop end April, second stop 20th June, Flower 15 down to 8 to flower.

Ivor Mace, 2 Mace Lane, Ynyswen, Treorci, Rhondda-Cynon-Taff. CF42 6DS

McKinley. Section 1 Late flowering Large Exhibition.  Iíve been really excited about this new Jap.  Itís the best for over 30 years, Iíve had almost eleven inch blooms on it this year. Lovely broad petals, Bronze, on a 3 foot high plant. Stop the end April for an end of July bud. If youíve never seen a 4 inch bud then grow this one and watch it tumble out into a massive bloom. Another very impressive John Nevill seedling.

John Peace Chrysanthemums, Welfare Cottage, Welfare Park, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS27 4LX

Yvonne Grey 25b purple. Early flowering medium intermediate, Bred by Sam Oldham, this lovely purple intermediate needs a late stop, suggest growing 2 blooms per plant.

Eric Anderton, 12 Hawthorn Crescent ,Tottington,Near Bury.BL83NG

Peter Anderton 6b pale pink. Late Flowering anemone, Eric has another new Anemone, this one is named after his late grandfather who introduced him to horticulture.  Iím sure all growers will want to try this one after the phenomenal success  of Anderton last yearís new one.  Watch out for more new anemones from Eric. 

Woolmans Plants, Rookery Farm, Joys Bank, Holbeach St. John, Spalding, Lincs, PE12 8SG

Jayneís Joy  Minten

Jayneís Joy 3a Light Bronze late incurve.  This new incurve from John Nevill needs a 1st April stop to get it out for early November. Already awarded a Preliminary Certificate and a Preliminary Diploma by the National Chrysanthemum Society. 5 foot tall

Minten 5b Pink, Late flowering medium incurve, stop early May. Another from John Nevill.  A nice looking medium intermediate from the top raiser. Iím sure it will do well. 4ft 6 inches tall.

Ian Moss, Beechwood chrysanthemums, 18 Beechwood Grove, Prescott, Merseyside, L35 5AX

Sandown Elmore

Sandown, Section 2 light Red, Late flowering medium exhibition.  This John Nevill seedling is in the James Bryant style.  Stop Mid April for an early November bloom. 5 foot tall.

Elmore Section 2 Red, Late flowering medium exhibition. Another John Nevill seedling, stop Mid April.  A nice deep bloom that should do well. Named after the blues musician Elmore James.  3ft tall.

Halls of Heddon, West Heddon Nursery Centre, Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle on Tyne, NE15 0JS.

Paul Cornelius Steve Packham

Paul Cornelius (24b) Early medium reflex. Rraised by Phil Gurr. Stopping date middle May for growers in the North East. Pink with a good natural petal lay.

Steve Packham (13b) October flowering medium incurve.  Raised by Harry Lawson.  A tight white incuve for which this picture doesn't do the flower justice.  Suggested stopping dates are mid-end March for growing as an early and stop again 1at June for growing as a late, These dates are for the north east.

Paloma Rose (29d) a rich rose pink raised by Rod Fox with good exhibition potential. Good pedicels with a neat flower placement.

Vin Aldred, 41 Shakespeare Crescent, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 1NB


MARY ALDRED - 29d purple Ė Raised by Vin Aldred, Will carry up to 7 large single flowers with immaculate form for show.

MYSS MARSHA - 29e Ė Raised by Bill Bahn.  A lovely red/bronze intermediate double

PAT BAHN - 29c yellow Ė Raised by Bill Bahn.  Strong enough to carry 7 huge reflexing double flowers with glowing colour. Grow 4 stems to a plant.

Don Horn, 57 Wood Lane, Fleet, Hants GU51 3ED

Susan Kate 25b Early Yellow medium intermediate.  First flowered in 2008 and named after top grower Joe Hawkins daughter. Root  mid- February and grow 2 blooms from early April stop.  Height 4ft

Talbot Harmony 29c Deep Pink early reflexed spray. Another bright coloured Early flowering Spray .   Bi-coloured Deep Pink for Exhibition  or  Garden decoration.  Early root,  grow 2-up     Height 3 ft

Bethany Mai 29c Light pink. A very attractive Early flowering Spray.  Bi-coloured Pink for Exhibition or Garden. For show grow 2-up from Mid- may stop .       Height 3ft 6ins. Named by Alan Wright after his grand daughter.

Chrysanthemums Direct,

Margaret Dear 25b Early medium intermediate raised by Gordon Dowson.

Maurice Johnson, 4 Richmond Avenue, Bishop Aukland, Co Durham, DL14 6NQ 

Keith Johnson 24a Red large early reflex. 4ft 6in tall, stop 1st April for mid September Shows.

Please note:

If there are other novelties being released for 2013 I will be happy to add them to this web page - please send pictures and supporting information.

Please double check with suppliers' catalogues for confirmation of 2013 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. 


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