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Date last updated: 
30 November 2009

2009 Novelties Preview (Updated 30/11/2009 )

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2009. This page contains all the information I currently have available and may not yet be a definitive list of all 2009 releases. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Thanks go to Ivor Mace, Harry Lawson, Frank Charlton, John Peace, John Nevill, Richard & Sheila Coles and Peter Fraser for providing the photos and information for this page.

Please check with suppliers catalogues for confirmation of 2009 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. Suppliers contact information is available by clicking the link on the left hand side.

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums
Angela Cosimini
25b Pink
Denis Gill
25b Y

awaiting picture

Pearl John Wingfield
14b LP
Yellow Kay Woolman
13b Y
John Peace Chrysanthemums
Jimmy Tranter 14b red
(A John Nevill Seedling,
picture by John Nevill))
Coral Patricia Miller 14b 
a lovely peach coloured sport 
from Patricia Miller. 
Herbie McCauley

Cultivar 'Herbie McCauley'
24b white, raised by Harry Lawson
Halls of Heddon
Bill Holden (14a P)
John Lowry (24a LP) Kenny Buglass (25b P)
All of the above are Harry Lawson seedlings
George Freestone
Anna Reynolds 23b Y Elizabeth Drake 25b P

awaiting picture


Jim Warne 15a P Bramcote 3b W
Merevale 3b Br
Southway Nurseries
Southway Sphinx 29d 
Light Bronze single spray.
Southway Sorbert 29d 
Light Pink single spray.
Also released by Southway for 2009:
Terry Brook 29e 
Light Purple double spray.

Southway Softessa 29d 
Light Bronze single spray.

Southway Scallop 29d 
Cream single spray.

Caukeel Crystal 29e 
Light Pink double spray

Caukeel Cajun 29d 
Red single spray

Caukeel Capri 29e 
Light Purple double spray.
Southway Syrah 29d 
Purple single spray.

Ron Jones
Ted Mills 
25b Purple 
Richard Coles
Emily Barlow 
7a classified OC but an unusual primrose/light bronze shade.
Baltic Amber 
7b Bronze
Bill Fulton
Woodwaye Ruth 
7b deep pink
Woodwaye Chantelle  
7b classified OC but it is a nice white 

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