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Date last updated: 
25 October 2010

New Releases for 2010 

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2010. This page has been compiled using public information sources plus my pictures, and also includes  pictures and information supplied by raisers and others, the page contains all the information I currently have available, it may not represent a definitive list all 2010 releases. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Please double check with suppliers' catalogues for confirmation of 2010 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. 

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums
Savanna Charlton 25a P Eva Allen 25b W
Clarksdale 15b LB
John Peace Chrysanthemums
Joan Waugh 14b R Millie Mathews 14b W
**awaiting image**
Yellow Alan Foxhall 3b Y

Harold Walker Plant Centre

Chester Millennium 14b Pu
Halls of Heddon
Antony Peace 25b W
Southway Nurseries
Myss Eliza 29c Cr Myss Rihanna 29c DR
Southway Sizzle 29d B Southway Sloe 29d Pu
Also released 

by Southway Nurseries for 2010:

Myss Macy 29c LB

Southway Squirrel 29d DB

Southway Spritzer 29d LP

Southway Spectacluar 29d R
Mike Higgins 
Bronze Southway Sheeba
(Contact details on NCS website)
Richard Coles
Amelia Rose 7a P
(Picture by Richard Cole)
Ivor Mace
Amber Fittons Reward 1B
(Picture by Ivor Mace)
Vin Aldred
Sarah Ann 29d W
Leo Youell
Downpour 10a White Lava 10a OC



Pictures and information
 courtesy of Leo Youell
Descanso 10a Bronze

All photos on this page taken by Paul Barlow unless otherwise stated

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New information will be published here as it becomes available.

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