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Date last updated: 
01 February 2012

Ivor Mace's summary of New Releases for 2012 

All growers owe the breeders a great debt of gratitude because new varieties are the life blood of all specialist plants.  Breeding new varieties is becoming increasingly expensive for nurseries and breeding new varieties has been in the hands of amateur breeders who have shown amazing dedication to produce these new varieties, or to be correct Cultivars, because they are created by hand pollination.

Halls of Heddon 
have 5 new sprays from Rod Fox (former owner of Southway Nurseries) and 1 new disbud from Harry Lawson.

Rodís new ones are: -
Myss Dorothy
29c a double spray with white reflexing petals.  This should make a good show variety and itís received a P.C.E. Preliminary Certificate for Exhibition from the National Chrysanthemum Society.

Hoagy 29d a bronze single spray. It won the seeding class at the N.C.S. 2010 show it should do well at the shows and has also received a P.C.E. from the N.C.S.

Paloma Redeye 29d a classy red single with great show potential. P.C.E.

Paloma Regent 29d Purple single spray with great potential on the show bench. P.C.E.

Terracotta.  29c a lovely light bronze double that Rod recommends for cut flower and garden decoration.

Geoff Aird 15b light bronze intermediate from Harry Lawson, classified October flowering, with good potential on the show bench.

Halls of Heddon, West Heddon Nursery Centre, Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle on Tyne, NE15 0JS

Richard Coles 
has one new variety.

Amber Donít Start 7a late flowering large single.  This amber sport from the popular parent ĎDonít Startí is sure to be popular with single enthusiasts.

Richard Coles, 52 Twyford Avenue, Raunds, Northamptonshire, NN9 6HD

Frank Charlton 
has two new varieties.  Linda Gage, raised by Peter Fraser and Buff William Florentine.

Linda Gage 24b White medium intermediate. 4ft tall with a 1st April stopping date.

Buff William Florentine 15a LB  This sport is from the popular parent

Frank Charlton, 3 Ashleigh Gardens, Cleadon, South Tynside, SR6 7QA

Ian Moss 
has 3 new section 2 from John Nevill.  3 top class introductions, if I was to grow medium Japs, I would want all 3 of them.

McDowell 2 Yellow. A very promising new incurving medium Jap, in the mould of Yellow Phil Houghton.

White Lightning 2 White. Winner of the seedling of the year 2011. A lovely solid bloom to rival Lundy.

Burnside 2 Yellow. Another Yellow Phil Houghton look alike, with great depth.

Ian Moss, 18 Beechwood Grove, Prescott, Merseyside, L35 5AX

Ivor Mace 
has one variety: -

Mt Shasta 2 a white medium exhibition from Japan.  This is the parent of the primrose sport I released last year.  An incurving bloom on a good plant. This needs to be grown with ripe wood and not too much feeding to get good form. Stop 20th April. Top variety in Australia

Ivor Mace, 2 Mace Lane, Ynyswen, Treorci, Rhondda, CF42 6DS

Dave Thorrington 
has 4 new Japanese Fantasies, all of which will make an impact on the show bench: -

Oregon City 10A Yellow, Short grower. Early bloomer

Senkyo Jonetsu 10A Pink a neat impressive bloom.

Senkyo Fusui 10A  Light Bronze a classy bloom.

Evans Dream 10A Pink, large impressive bloom

D Thorrington, 48 Elford Crescent, Plymouth, Devon PL7 4BT

Vin Aldred 
has 1 new variety: -

Primrose Broadway Mandy, 29C LY a lovely primrose sport from the popular parent.

Vin Aldred, 41 Shakespeare Crescent, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S181NB.

South Wiltshire Chrysanthemum Society 
have a Primrose sport from the popular Dennis Turner.

Primrose Dennis Turner 15B October flowering Primrose medium intermediate.

Steve Joyce, Chrysanthemum Cottage, Hoburne  Caravan Park, Hoburne Lane, Highcliffe, Dorset, SH23 4HU.

Don Horn 
has two new varieties: -

Laura Norris 15A White,  October flowering Large Intermediate.

Talbot Carnival 29C Red  Double early flowering spray.

D. T. Horn, 57 Wood Lane, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3ED

John Peace 
has 3 new releases, one from Gordon Dowson and a sport of the very popular Pauline White and also Buff William Florentine.

Jimmy Simpson 25b an early flowering light bronze medium intermediate. Bred by Gordon Dowson of Bishop Auckland and named after the well known Bishop Auckland grower Jimmy Simpson. 

Primrose Pauline White 15a light yellow sport from the prolific show winning Pauline White.  Although classified October flowering it is only seen at late flowering shows.  Iím sure all late flowering growers will want this one.

Buff William Florentine 15a LB This sport is from the popular parent.

John Peace, 9 Briardene Way, Easington, Co Durham SR8 3NR

Holme Valley Chrysanthemum Society 
have a deep yellow sport of the very popular John Wingfield.

Sunny John Wingfield 14B Deep Yellow 

J Jozfow, 27 Copperas Close, Millhouse Green, Penistone, Nr Sheffield, S36 9SA 

Maurice Johnson 
has one new variety: -

Michelle Harris 15B White, October flowering medium intermediate. 

M Johnson, 4 Richmond Ave, Bishop Aukland, Co Durham, DL14 6NQ

Eric Anderton 
has one new variety: -

Anderton 6b Yellow, Anemone centred cultivar awarded PCE. 

Eric Anderton, 12 Hawthorn Crescent, Tottington, Nr Bury, Lancashire, BL8 3NG.
Tel:  01204888159


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2012 Novelties Thumbnails for quick reference

nov12-Myss Dorothy 29c600-halls.JPG (46729 bytes)
Myss Dorothy

nov12-Hoagy 29d600-halls.JPG (63165 bytes)

nov12-PALOMA REDEYE red single600-halls.JPG (50292 bytes)
Paloma Redeye

nov12-PALOMA REGENT 29d Purple600-halls.JPG (47831 bytes)
Paloma Regent

nov12-Terracotta 29c600-halls.JPG (54207 bytes)

nov12-Geoff Aird600-halls.jpg (50117 bytes)
Geoff Aird

nov12-Amber don't start600-rcoles.jpg (49420 bytes)
Amber Don't Start

nov12-linda-gage600-pb.jpg (39528 bytes)
Linda Gage

nov12-mcdowell-2y600-jn.jpg (50704 bytes)

nov12-white lightning-2w600-jn.jpg (40112 bytes)
White Lightning

nov12-burnside-2y600-jn.jpg (43514 bytes)

nov12-Mt Shasta-2w600-im.JPG (32712 bytes)
Mt Shasta

nov12-Oregon-City600-im.JPG (49360 bytes)
Oregon City

nov12-Senkyo-Jonetsu600-im.JPG (65687 bytes)
Senkyo Jonetsu

nov12-Senkyo Fusui600-im.JPG (57704 bytes)
Senkyo Fusui

nov12-Evans Dream-fantasy600-im.JPG (63339 bytes)
Evans Dream

nov12-Anderton-6by-im450.jpg (17897 bytes)

nov12-Jimmy Simpson-im-jp450.jpg (36657 bytes)
Jimmy Simpson


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