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Date last updated: 
05 February 2012

New Releases for 2012 

It is anticipated that the following new cultivars will be available in 2012. This page has been compiled using pictures and information supplied by raisers and others, the page contains all the information I currently have available, it may not represent a definitive list all 2012 releases. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

This year I'm pleased to be able to publish a summary of 2012 Novelties, kindly provided by Ivor Mace. Click here for => Ivor's 2012 Novelties summary

Please double check with suppliers' catalogues for confirmation of 2012 releases and with NCS literature for definitive classification information and further information on new releases. 

Richard Coles

Hi Paul,
Please find details of our new release for 2012 - Amber Don't Start - Registered at Chester.  Root - Early Feb,  Stems - 4 to 5,  Height - 4', 1st Stop - Mid April 2nd Stop - 12th June, Grow - 12 down to 4 or 5, Pot Size - 9".

Amber Don't Start 7a LB
(Picture by Richard Coles)

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums

Linda Gage 25b White
A Peter Fraser Seedling

Chrysanthemums Direct

Hello Paul,
We are introducing Olympic Gold, details below and picture attached.
Regards, Martyn

Olympic Gold, bred by Gordon Dowson, is an early intermediate (25b Y)
The foliage is similar to the parents, Primrose Chessington and Millennium, and it grows to around 1.5m (5') in height. Olympic Gold has a strong, straight stem and a good neck. The stopping date is 7th April for early September flowering (based on the North East of the U.K.) and it should be grown 2 up.

This will be an excellent addition to the show bench for the 2012 show season.

Halls of Heddon

Hi Paul, 
Hope you have had a good season- it has not been the easiest, especially with the amount of rain in the North!  We have 5 varieties of Rod Fox's sprays going out this year, 4 of which he regards as good potential exhibition varieties particularly Myss Dorothy and Hoagy. The variety Terracotta is purely a garden variety but is nice and early:- 
Myss Dorothy (29c) which is a large reflexing creamy white with excellent form and neat, natural flower placement. Rod is expecting this to be sought after as he himself has had enquiries. PCE. 
Hoagy (29d)-an excellent bronze single with large flowers on strong pedicels. This won the seedling class at the 2010 National and should, in Rod's words, be popular with exhibitors. PCE. 
Paloma Redeye (29d) which is a vivid red with good natural flower placement on strong pedicels. Good for cutting and exhibition. PCE. 
Paloma Regent (29d) an intense purple with neat flower arrangement. PCE and PCC. Terracotta (29c) a lovely early flowering light bronze primarily a cut flower and garden variety. 
We are also releasing one of Harry's cultivars, Geoff Aird (15b), a bronze October flowering variety. 
I have attached photos of all of these though the sprays are all in "bunches" as opposed to being arranged for exhibition, Thank you in anticipation.
David Hall

Geoff Aird 15b Bronze
Hoagy 29d
Myss Dorothy 29c
Paloma Redeye 29d Red
Paloma Regent 29d Purple
Terracotta 29c
Photos and information provided by 
Frank Charlton, Richard Coles, David Hall, John Nevill, Ivor Mace and Martyn Flint.

Ivor Mace
Mt Shasta 2W
Ian Moss

Ado Paul,
Ian Moss is putting out three of my mediums in 2012 the first one is McDowell 2Y, the second one is White Lightning which won the raisers class at this years National and The last one Burnside 2Y, this bloom won the raisers class at the Northern Group in 2009.
All three varieties have won PCE and PDE awards.
All the Best, John Nevill

McDowell 2Y
White Lightning 2W
Burnside 2Y
Dave Thorrington
Evans Dream 10a P
Oregon City 10a Y
Senkyo Fusui 10a LB
Senkyo Jonetsu 10a P
Eric Anderton
Anderton 6b Yellow
Sam Oldham
Charlie 24b White
Jennifer Shephard 25b Y
Danny Peace 25b DY
Tara Olivio 24b LP
Other 2012 Novelties
Please note:

If there are other novelties being released for 2012 I will be happy to add them to this web page - please send pictures and supporting information.


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