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Date last updated: 
01 December 2008

Spring-Loaded bud straightener (updated 01 December, 2008 )
Midlands Grower Alan Clark has come up with a novel way to correct a cocked bud. No longer does Alan have to re-adjust the straightener as the stem extends - this method  takes care of the adjustment automatically!  
The Components
Use an expanding spring made of 0.8mm wire, of 8-10mm diameter and 5-7cm long. Use a thin cane that slides easily inside the spring.

Cut a groove across one end of the cane and push a piece of cork on the other end.

Secure the spring to the stem of the plant, taking the string over a leaf and adjust the height to give the desired pressure under the bud.

Spring-loaded straightener in action

A word of caution: 
depending on the strength of the spring, the method may only be suitable for cultivars with a very strong neck.

Thanks to Alan Clark for sharing another of his ingenious ideas, and Jack Gilbert for providing the photos

Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.