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Date last updated: 
10 December 2012

The 'White Rust' Dossier (updated 10 December 2012 )

Mid to late summer is typically the time of year when U.K. chrysanthemum growers anticipate the annual battle with White Rust.  The aim of this page is to bring together in one place all manner of information about white rust, some information may be myth and legend some may be factual and based on scientific proof, sometimes it's difficult to tell one from the other! 

This simple page represents an assembly of information from various  sources, there are also some suggested keywords for typing into search engines such as Google, to help you do your own research.

Share your experiences
If you have an experience with white rust that you wish to share please let me know and we will find a way to include it.


Articles of interest: Potentially useful external Links: 
Directory of Chrysanthemum ailments Integrated Pest Management for Roses
  Controlling White Rusts
Peter Fraser's - White Rust Overview Hot Water Treatment (External article)
Hot Water Treatment (NCS) Bristish Society for Plant Pathology (CWR) 
Ivor Mace - The White Rust story CWR Review by Govt of British Columbia 
  White Rust lifecycle and controls

External Links provided by Ivor Mace and Fred Waining

The White Rust Dossier will be updated as new information becomes available.

It has not been possible to verify the accuracy of the information sources presented here, they are simply pointers to what is available - you should make up your own mind how relevant the information is to your circumstances. No responsibility can be accepted for how you interpret the information or select chemicals or other products. It is your responsibility to follow manufacturers instructions and take appropriate precautions when handling and spraying chemicals, including understanding the possibility of side effects from use of chemicals.

Suggested keywords

Chemical names:





chlorothalonil +metalaxyl-M



Trade names


dithane 945



Note: above list is neither definitive or exhaustive. 


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.