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2001 Paul Barlow

Millennium show for Early Flowering Chrysanthemums
Stafford, September 2000

Best Vases in Show

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lgeint.jpg (19135 bytes) double.jpg (22224 bytes) lgeref.jpg (26388 bytes) medint.jpg (17825 bytes)
Large Intermediate
'Lynn Johnson'
Double Spray
'Myss Goldie'
Large Reflexed
'Dorridge Crystal'
Medium Intermediate
medref.jpg (27062 bytes) incurve.jpg (22120 bytes) single.jpg (29160 bytes) anemone.jpg (25019 bytes)
Medium Reflexed
'John Wingfield'
'Max Riley'
Single Spray
'White Enbee Wedding'
Anemone Spray
'Yellow Pennine Oriel'

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001