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2001 Paul Barlow

Millennium show for Early Flowering Chrysanthemums
Stafford, September 2000

Selection of winning entries

This page shows a selection of some of the winning entries from the major multivase classes.

Click each thumbnail image to reveal a larger picture:

chestergrp.jpg (22063 bytes) bertram.jpg (27063 bytes) clay.jpg (25677 bytes) crick.jpg (15394 bytes)
Provincial Group Champ'ship Bertram F Jones trophy Clay Challenge Cup Crick Challenge Cup
dawsey.jpg (18728 bytes) walker.jpg (21962 bytes) barker.jpg (29097 bytes) mill.jpg (29105 bytes)
Bob Dawsey Trophy H Walker Trophy George Barker Trophy Millennium Group Challenge
draycott.jpg (18607 bytes) medium.jpg (20996 bytes) cutglass.jpg (16672 bytes) western.jpg (18695 bytes)
Jimmy Draycott Trophy Medium Challenge Cup Cutglass Vase Western Group Trophy
thistle.jpg (20429 bytes) ruston.jpg (21662 bytes) cooper.jpg (20189 bytes) pollard.jpg (24017 bytes)
ET Thistlethwaite Trophy Ruston Trophy Ken Cooper Trophy Brendan Pollard Trophy

Link to Best Vases page: Best Vases

Details of cultivars  in winning entries shown above:

Provincial group champ'ship Peach John Wingfield, John Wingfield, Apricot Courtier, Malcolm Perkins, Chempak Rose, Lynn Johnson
Bertram F Jones Dorridge Crystal, Pearl celebration, Lynn Johnson, Apricot, Yellow and Gold Courtier, Apricot Lilac and Cherry Chessington
Clay Challenge John Wingfield plus Pink and Peach sports, Amy Lauren, Wembley, Chempak Rose, Woolley Pride, Claire Louise, Cornetto,
Crick Challenge John Wingfield plus Bronze and Pink sports, Yellow Gingernut, Cornetto, Primrose Cricket
Bob Dawsey trophy Millennium, Cherry Chessington, Dorridge Crystal, Bronze Matlock, Yellow Pink and Peach John Wingfield, Yellow Egret, Lynn Johnson
H walker trophy Enbee Wedding plus Bronze, White, Primrose and Honey sports, Pennine Oriel plus Yellow and Primrose sports, Janet Elizabeth
George Barker trophy Pennine Swan, Talbot Parade plus Yellow, Chestnut, Salmon sports, Myss Goldie
Millennium group challenge Myss Goldie, Yellow Pennine Oriel, Bronze Talbot Parade, Pot Black,  Cherry Chessington, Gingernut
Brendan Pollard trophy Lynn Johnson, Primrose Chessington, Oyster Chessington
Medium Challenge cup John Wingfield plus Peach and Pink sports
Cut Glass trophy Gingernut, Cornetto, Muriel Vipas
ET Thistlethwaite Max Riley, Wembley, Cornetto
Weston Group trophy Gillette, Max Riley, Lorna Wood
Ruston trophy Cornetto, Bill wade
Ken Cooper trophy Buff Peter Rowe, Vanessa Lynn, Cornetto, Primrose Enbee Wedding
Jimmy Draycott trophy John Wingfield plus Peach and Pink sports

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001