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2001 Paul Barlow

Late National Chrysanthemum Show 2000
a selection of winning entries and seedlings.

Click on each thumbnail image to display a larger picture.


Thanks to Peter Fraser, Ron Jones and Ian Payne for providing the pictures and information to allow this page to be created and published.

Best Vases
bestinc.jpg (10628 bytes) bestref.jpg (11777 bytes) BV2000.jpg (17928 bytes) medjap.jpg (9655 bytes)
Incurved Reflexed Large Exhibition Medium Exhibition
Major multivase clases
18large.jpg (42961 bytes) 5x5Decs.jpg (31290 bytes) RJindiv.jpg (37256 bytes) 3x5ref.jpg (26319 bytes)
18 Large Exhibition
Grower: Andy Wickham
Five vases Decoratives
Grower: Bill Croft
Individual Trophy class
Grower: Ron Jones
Robeam, Yellow Olwyn,
First Light, Kay Woolman, Masons Bronze (hidden)
Three vases Reflexed
Grower: Barry Bickerdyke
chester1a.jpg (36903 bytes)
Five vases Incurved
Grower: Howard Thomas
New Seedlings on Display
Seedling2000.jpg (21213 bytes) firecracker.jpg (17706 bytes) DCP0056.jpg (22608 bytes) DCP0055.jpg (21925 bytes)
Un-named seedling
Raiser: G Freestone
J Nevill
Un-named seedling
Raiser: G Freestone
Un-named seedling
Raiser: G Freestone
alanfoxall.jpg (24762 bytes)
'Alan Foxhall'
Raiser: J Nevill

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