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December 25th 2012
‘Chrysanthemums – The Ultimate e-book, Version 2 is now available’

The Ultimate e-book has been substantially updated and is now over 440 pages. Further details on version 2 can be found by clicking this link =>

If you wish to purchase ‘Chrysanthemums – The Ultimate e-book, version 2’ you can buy securely, on-line and with no currency conversion issues through Ivor’s website =>   

December 19th
Ivor Mace’s comprehensive report on the new cultivars being released for the 2013 season. Click for Ivor’s Novelties Report =>
Don’t forget, if you want to see novelties from previous years the novelties archive pages will take you back as far as 2006

November Ivor Mace’s report on the UK Late National show.  Click for Ivor’s Report =>

Eric Andertons Anemone Seedlings page =>

May May 2012
Hydroponics Suppliers added to Signpost =>  GavsGrow, Aberdeen  => Holland Hydroponics Burnley

10th May
new daffodil 'zoom' pages featuring best vases & best blooms from shows in Scotland.
Best blooms and vases Aberdeen & Royal Caley 2012

Best Blooms and vases Dundee Daffodil Group 2012

4th May
Porsches on the Prom
a fantastic event organised by Porsche Club GB, North Wales region (R6)

April April 2012
Daffodils in Aberdeen updated with latest photos Click => Aber-Daffs

16th April 2012
Dundee daffodil show -results and photos, click =>  Daff-shows 2012

4th April
The latest and most exciting addition to web-based chrysanthemum information. Chrysanthemum Hydroponics by Eric Anderton. Click =>
Chrysanthemum Hydroponics

March 16th March
Substantial update to the Cultivar Directory - approximately 40 new entries added in this update. 
Click here for Cultivar Directory =>

15th March
Daffodils in Aberdeen web pages published.  Click to view => Aber-Daffs

1st March
Eric Anderton's anemone centred seedlings.
Click  =>

February 17th February
Two new pages featuring pictures of snowdrops at Cambo estate in Fife and snowdrop close-ups using the image 'zoom' facility. Links to snowdrop pages are on the Zoom home page =>

Also, details of forthcoming events at Chester C&D Society, requested by Alan and Angie Seymour. Click => Chester Events

11th February
A growing interest in Daffodils.
In 2011 I grew a few pots of daffodils and tulips. The results of my humble efforts are shown on the following page, =>

Also added, some new pages with pictures from the Aberdeen Spring show 2011 =>

7th February
Show dates updated on NCS Southern Group and South East London & Bexleyheath Society pages. (Info courtesy of Joe Crowland)
Link to Growers netwrok =>
3rd February
Two new pages containing zoomable images now available. This link will take you to the Zoom home page =>
Other changes/additions:
Growers Network:

Updates to Humberside CC page (info from Geoff Gooding).
New page added  for Driffield Society. (info from Tony Ives).
Cultivar Directory:

Cultural notes on Late Flowering Singles ‘Louise Cox’ and ‘Kath Stephenson’ family, courtesy of Allen Munday.

Links to Growers Network and Cultivar Directory can be found on the homepage =>

January 26th January
New 'ZOOM' feature allows examination of the top exhibits in close-up detail. This link will take you to the Zoom Pages index => where you can select from the list.

21st January
Novelties page extended with additional information and photos. 
Click for => New Releases 2012 
Click for =>
  Ivor's 2012 Novelties summary

December 21st December 
Frank Charlton has now extended the range of items for sale. Bud and bloom bags, fertilisers, liquid feeds and additional sundries such as labels, marker pens, rooting hormones etc.  

This link will display Frank Charlton’s Horticultural Supplies website =>

Addition to the 2012 Novelties pages:
Eric Anderton’s new anemone centred release called ‘Anderton’, classified 6b Yellow

Link for 2012 Novelties page =>

Link for Ivor Mace’s 2012 Novelties Summary =>

4th December - The recently published page is now extended with more pictures and information. In addition there is a new ‘Summary of 2012 Novelties’ kindly provided by Ivor Mace.
Click for 2012 Novelties page =>

Click for Ivor Mace’s 2012 Novelties Summary =>

1st December 2011 - 2012 Novelties page now available. Click => New Releases 2012 


22nd November 2011 FURTHER ADDITIONS TO LATE SHOWS REPORTS, including New cultivars registered at Late National Click => Show Reports
Also, updates to National Best Vases and National Champions. 

16th November MAJOR UPDATE TO UK LATE SHOWS REPORTS including Group Shows, Local Shows and UK Late National. Click => Show Reports then choose the link for 'All Late Shows'

15th November  Frank Charlton's Bloom Bags and Horticultural Supplies now open for business. Click => Horticultural Supplies

5th November Disposal of chrysanthemum publications. Click Publications disposal 
First reports from Late Shows now available. Click =>
Show Reports

2nd November Details of newly registered early sprays and disbuds. Click => Show Reports


Major announcement on bloom bags and sundries - business transferred to Frank Charlton. Read more =>

New page published focusing on Early Flowering Sprays
Further reports from Early Shows now available, includes Shirley, Cheslyn Hey & Great Wyrley and addition to Early National Click => Show Report

September Reports from Early shows now available on-line, including many shows in Scotland, Early National and Northern Group. Click => Show Reports
Ultimate e-book reviewed in RHS Plantsman. Click => Read Review
August Frank Charlton's website updated for 2012. Click => Frank Charlton
July Ultimate e-book - initial feedback from readers. Click => e-book Feedback
June Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate e-book available to purchase via Ivor Mace's website. 
Click for details of The Ultimate e-book
May Substantial update to the Cultivar Directory - over fifty new entries added in this update. 
April Advance notification of 'Chrysanthemums - the Ultimate E-book'. Written by Ivor Mace and Paul Barlow soon to be available as a digital download in pdf format for viewing on your home pc. 
January The Sales pages for Bloom Bags etc. have been updated for 2011. (1st Jan 2011)
Link to Sales =>
December Winter Gallery 2010/11 published 17th December.
Further reports from National, Group and Local Late Shows published throughout the month.
November Late Shows reports from Local, Group and National published throughout the month.
Early Shows reports extended with additional pages covering new cultivars registered at the Early National and a second page of 'things that caught my eye'.
October Novelties 2011 - new page published with currently available information on next years releases.
Further updates to Shows Reports pages include Midlands and South Wales Groups shows.
September Early Shows Reports published and updated throughout the month.
June 1st June:
New pages added celebrating 10 years of publishing National Best Vases. 
Link for new pages =>
Noticeboard transferred to Discussion Forum for 'wanted' items. This will allow individuals to post their items directly into the forum.
May 1st May:
New pages added celebrating 10 years of publishing National Championship winning exhibits. 
Link for new pages =>

22nd February:
New link added to Signpost page for Judy Barker's Garden Chrysanthemums website
1st February:
Two new pages published.
The first page is courtesy of Max Stockton. Max (from the U.K.) kindly shares his pictures from a recent visit to Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia, Use this link to view the gallery of pictures from Max’s trip =>
The second page is from Murray Thompson, Ontario, Canada, and to use Murray’s words, is  ‘a bit of a newsletter’. Murray’s page can be viewed using the following link =>


25th January:
A new and very comprehensive entry in the Societies network from Denton Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society. Click here for Denton Society entry =>

1st January:
The Cultivar Directory has been further updated with many new entries in most sections.
You can look at the Detailed History page to see what’s new and what’s been amended.  (Link on the Directory homepage). Click here for Cultivar Directory =>

The Sales pages for Bloom Bags etc. have also been updated for 2010. 
Link to Sales =>

December 19th Dec: Chrysanthemum Discussion Forum resurrected. Link on Home page.

15th Dec: I’ve now updated ‘My year in pictures and video’ with the final three videos on my trial of growing the John Wingfield family for November Shows, I’ve also added a short clip on my method of Bloom Transport.

You will find links to these items in the Video Library which appears on all pages within the ‘My Year …’ section.Use this link to view =>

For those of you who enjoyed reading Doris Joyce’s story a couple of months back you will now find that Doris has written a short conclusion to her story following her recent success at the Late Flowering Shows in her area. This link will take you there =>

12th Dec: There are two videos covering best vases and some of the major exhibits throughout the show. The video is split into two parts due to the time limitation imposed by YouTube.
The links for these items can be found on the 2009 Late Shows Reports pages =>

4th Dec: Two items of news I’m pleased to let you know about
Firstly, the launch of a new website for John Peace, including plant sales for 2010.
The address for John’s new site is =>

The second item is a new page containing details of some of the new cultivars being made available for the first time in 2010.
The link for this page can be found on my homepage =>


Nov 28th - Quite a few new show reports now available, including:
Cambridge & District  (Arthur Stripe)
South Wales shows – Swansea, Port Talbot, Dowlais (Brian James)
Doncaster Society Show (Doris Joyce)
Ferryhill and Darlington Shows (Gordon Dowson)
West Midlands Shows – Cheslyn Hay, Willenhall, West Bromwich, Smethwick (John Nevill and Jack Gilbert)
Northern Group Show, (Harry Lawson and Peter Fawcett), 
Northern Group report  (Peter Fawcett)
Bishop Aukland Show, (Gordon Dowson). 
Late National Show – a third page added showing general views around the show.
Thanks to all the above for taking the time to share their photos and information, it is very much appreciated.

Another National Show report from Ivor Mace, this time the U.K. Late National that took place on 6/7th November. As with the early show Ivor has kindly made available some of his photos showing winners alongside their exhibits, these can be downloaded and printed if you so wish.
More reports from Late Shows:
Worcester and Shirley Shows from Jack Gilbert, and South Wales Group Show from Ivor Mace
Click here for Show Reports =>    then click on All Late Shows.
The Cultivar Directory has been substantially updated with many new entries in most sections.
Click here for Cultivar Directory =>

-      The pages for NCS New Zealand have been updated with pictures and information from National shows 2009, plus details of Management Team changes and Show dates for 2010. Details kindly provided by Bob Pickard.  Click here for NCS-NZ pages =>

October The first report from the Late Shows – The Southern Group show courtesy of Andy Wickham.
Early Show reports are still filtering through, the latest additions include: 
- coverage of the Midlands Group show from John Nevill 
- Willenhall mid season show from Jack Gilbert 
- Various shows in North East England - additional pictures from Matt Robson 
- Wolsingham October show from Gordon Dowson 
- Welsh Group show from Brian James.
Ivor Mace's article ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ covering the 2009 UK Early National Show.

New article from Doris Joyce published in Guests Corner
More reports from Early Shows, this time Chesterfield and Sheffield, with pictures and information provided by Fred Waining

A further set of updates to the 2009 Early Shows reports  including coverage of the Northern Group show and several other local shows up and down the country. 
A substantial update to the 2009 Early Shows reports, including comprehensive coverage from the National Show in Stafford.

Many local and group shows are also included as exhibitors around the country have kindly supplied pictures and information from their shows to make this possible. All contributors are acknowledged on the Shows 2009 homepage

Numerous updates to My Year in Pictures and Video including dressing blooms.
Early Shows reports 2009 - National, Group and local shows reported throughout the month. 


The new video items added showing the development of blooms of Early Flowering cultivars and the progress of the plants being grown as Lates for November blooms. A recent clip you may have missed was on the topic of shading for developing blooms.
The new video items added include the use of Bloom Protection Frames, a second Bloom Bagging clip using a single 'wired bag' on Woolley Globe and the first of several general clips for August looking at the progress of Chempak Roses and Cream John Wingfield.
The new videos include top dressing a pot, constructing and preparing a wire supported bloom bag and using the wired bag on a Yellow Billy Bell.

July New video clips on progress of Earlies and Lates added to 'my year in pictures and video. (23/07/09)
June New series of pages on growing Lates added to 'my year in pictures and video. (23/06/09)
May New On-Line shop now available for purchasing bloom bags and sundries.
March New video and filmstrip features introduced to the website.
August New pages added 2nd August 2008 => The White Rust Dossier
New pages covering Dennis Maher's '2007, China Experience', added 1st August 2008.
July New Directory of Chrysanthemum Ailments published 10th July 2008.
May Additional pages from Judy Barker - Garden Forms in Wisley Trials 2008
A new pages based on a promotional idea from NCS New Zealand.
New Growers entries in the Network
April New pages on Garden Forms by Judy Barker
March New website developed for the National Chrysanthemum Society.
Info Centre updated with new Guests articles.
2007 Cultivar Review and Journal published.
New 'shared' Discussion Forum now available.
New links on the Signpost page.
Noticeboard - Wanted list – a grower is looking for cultivar ‘Timmy Gray’ 
A new TW Pocket page featuring new photos from the 150 year anniversary celebration.
February NCS Promotional pages extended with National Shows Archives.
Info Centre updated with a page showing innovative greenhouse within a greenhouse.
Info Centre updated with Classification changes and cultivars under review.
New Wanted Item on Noticeboard - a grower is searching for Yellow Lundy.
Regional Pages for Scotland updated.
Featured websites section on homepage updated with new links.
January UK Directory of Cultivars updated with new entries in all sections.
2008 New Releases page updated with details and pictures of NCS novelties for 2008.
New pages published to promote the U.K. National Society.
24th December Bloom Bags and Sundries pages updated for 2008 season.
25th November Recent additions and updates in the last month include:
- Show Reports 2007 - Early and Late shows now complete
- 2008 Novelties page available in Information Centre
- additions to UK Cultivar Tracker, Growers Network and UK Cultivar Directory
- Plant Sales 2008 - information published on Sales pages
- Notice board updated with numerous requests for items wanted.
27th October New facility published - U.K. Cultivar Tracker. Link on homepage
28th August 2007 Show Results pages - initial publication.  Link on homepage
26th March New website developed and published for Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums
1st March Website Milestone. Accesses to pages on this website passed ONE MILLION during February 2007. Click to view Statistics
26th February New development 'Societies and Growers Network' launched.
21st February Directory of Cultivars recently updated with fantasies and reflexed entries.
13th January New website published for New Zealand National Chrysanthemum Society
12th November Show report for UK Late National show. Click the Shows link on the homepage.
1st November New site added to the Signpost - The Canadian Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society.
26th October 2006 Cultivar Review published and 2006 Journal updated.
25th October 2007 Novelties Preview added - access via the Information Centre
25th October New page added for West Midlands Shows. Click the Shows link on the homepage.
12th October Additional show reports added under 'Other Shows'. Click the Shows link on the homepage.
3rd October Early Show Reports 2006 now published. Click the Shows link on the homepage.
2nd July Directory of cultivars updated with initial set of entries for Spray chrysanths.
16th June Initial publication of Directory of Popular cultivars - access via the Information Centre
12th June Fantasy chrysanths picture gallery added to Dennis Maher's excellent article.
31st May New site added to Signpost - Hamilton & District C&D Society, Ontario, Canada.
21st May New page on U.K. Classification changes included in the Information Centre
7th May New article on Fantasy Chrysanthemums published. Link in Information Centre
4th April 'Chrysanthemum Information Centre' initial publication.
20th March New pages added covering Chrysanthemum classification system and popular forms.
7th January 2006 Prices and Terms for Bloom bags & Sundries now published.  Click 'Sales Page' link.
2nd January New link added to the Signpost - Terry Hubbard's "Blooming Chrysanthemums" 
2nd November New link added to the Signpost - Richard E Coles Chrysanthemums
24th October 'Little Snoring' , a fictional tale by Peter Bunting added to Guests Corner
11th October Cultivar Review 2005 published - my comments on cultivars grown this year.
9th October Early Show Results pages published - click Show Reports link on Homepage
2nd June New information on  2005 Global Calendar  relating to NCS USA Convention and Show.
27th April Details of Reflexed Judging presentation at NCS AGM 2005, published as webpages.
22nd March  2005 Global Calendar updated with latest available info.
20th February Guests Corner - Al Dormer sends part two of How not to grow .... " More Mishaps"
11th January Chrysanthemum Signpost updated with 'Ideas for Gardens' and 'Discussion Forum' links.
27th December Chrysanthemum Discussion Forum now available - find the link on the Homepage.
27th December 2005 Prices and Terms for Bloom bags and Sundries now published.  Click 'Sales Page' link.
24th November Share pictures from your shows - Offer to create web pages. Click here for details.
15th November A few pictures from Chester Late Show included in 2004 Show Reports
8th November UK Late National Show reports and pictures now available. Click here: Show Reports
1st November Site accesses hit an all-time monthly high of 20,000 in October - thanks for visiting!
21st October Cultivar Review 2004 and Journal 2004 now published
21st October Support Rings for large & medium exhibition added to list of sales items. Click on Sales link.
7th October New page added - Judging Rules for Reflexed Chrysanthemums. Discussion topic.
th October Global Events Calendar updated - 98th Congress of the French Chrysanthemum Society
30th Sept Show Reports for Early shows now published - click here: Show Reports
18th March New link added to the Signpost - John Lawrie's - I and J Nurseries website 
15th February Shows and events calendar 2004 updated with information currently available.
12th January Plant Sales for 2004 now closed due to over-subscription.
27th December Sundries list and prices for 2004 updated.
19th December New Guestbook and Feedback form added. Links on homepage.
5th November Two new additions to the Guests Corner from Al Dormer, Canada.
5th November UK Late National 2003 winning entries gallery.
4th November Novelty Report 2003 published and 2003 Journal updated.
25th September Cultivar Review 2003 now available.
25th September Early Show Reports 2003 now available, includes Early National and Northern Group shows.
10th August Plant Sales pages for 2004 updated and published.
28th June New link on the Signpost for Ivor Mace's chrysanthemum website.
16th May 2003 Journal  now available - link is under 'All other topics'.
11th May New link on the Signpost for Chesterfield & District C&D Society. 
2nd May Sales pages updated with details of Mortis frame bloom protection bags.
30th April Soil Analysis graphs updated with 2003 results from Barry Goss.
7th February New link on the Signpost for Newton-le-Willows Gardeners Association.
23rd January Plants and Sundries availability  page added to Sales pages.
17th December New website for the National Chrysanthemum Society of Australia now available.
14th November Homepage restructured and auto redirection set up. Click for New homepage layout
9th November Updated Sales pages - now includes bloom bags and horticultural sundries for 2003.
8th November MUMS 2002 convention and show, Washington USA, gallery published.
8th November UK Late National 2002 winning entries gallery published
25th October Novelty Report 2002, Cultivar Review 2002 and Journal 2002 published or updated.
5th October Early Show Reports 2002 now available including UK Early National show at Stafford
18th July New pages published to announce Plants for Sale for 2003.
17th July Global Calendar updated with Canadian Shows and UK Group Shows info - Click for details
29th June Chrysanthemum Conference in the South of France. Click for details
17th May Journal for 2002 now published - link is on the homepage.
16th April New entry in Guest Corner - Soil analysis by Barry Goss
18th March New Signpost link - Hortibotanic UK - soil analysis and fertility evaluation.
10th March New entry in Guests Corner - Andy Wickham discusses stress on our plants.
30th January Site information pages added - links on homepage.
13th January Guestbook added on the homepage :  View Guestbook | Sign Guestbook
13th January New addition on the Signpost - Directory of Landscape & Garden Design
7th January New page added to advertise the International Chrysanthemum Conference 2002
2nd January Web site restructured and moved to new domain
11th November Late National 2001 - Picture Gallery
28th October New link added to Chrysanthemum Signpost - Malden and Coombe HS.
17th October Journal 2001 entries completed.
12th October Novelty Reports 2001 added to the archive.
12th October Cultivar Review 2001 added to homepage.
11th October League table of Most popular cultivars exhibited at 2001 shows in North East Scotland.
11th October Early National 2001 - Picture Gallery.
11th October Show Results 2001 for North East Scotland now published.
10th July New Society webpage for Worksop & District added to the Chrysanthemum Signpost
24th June Journal updated with latest developments on the plot.
2nd June May 2001 confirmed as sunniest and driest on record for Scotland.
7th May All plants put in final growing positions between 4-7 May.
20th February Early National 2000 - selection of Winning Entries and Best Vases
10th February Global events calendar published. Link on homepage under special items.
28th January Second TW Pockett page added - Cultivation of Japanese Exhibition types.
31st December Minor changes to Late National page, addition to Seedlings and New Releases page.
10th December Late National 2000 picture gallery - a selection of winning entries and seedlings.
8th December New pages from New Zealand growers: Hybridising (Tom Mechen), Singles (Jack Baker).
2nd November New page showing Seedlings and New Releases from predominantly amateur raisers.
27th October League table of Most Popular cultivars exhibited at 2000 shows in North East Scotland.
27th October New page added to Archives covering Construction of a Reflex Frame.
27th October Weather statistics page called Climate Review 2000 added to Homepage.
22nd October Cultivar Review 2000 added to Homepage.
13th October New Photo Gallery 2000 page added to the Archives.
9th October Two Canadian Society webpages added to Chrysanthemum Signpost.
2nd October Novelty Reports 2000 page added to Archives page
25th September Show results 2000 for North East Scotland now published.
30th July Melbourne 2000 show results from by Ray Webb. Listed under Show Results on homepage.
21st July A new 'guest' page - Frank Essig (USA) writes about Growing while Disabled.
13th July Dukinfield Chrysanthemum Society web page available from the Signpost.
1st July New 'guest' page added covering the life and work of Thomas W. Pockett.
25th June Aberdeen Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society - Winter programme page
23rd June Chrysanthemum Book List and gallery showing Fantasies  added to Archives page.
18th June Sydney 2000 show results provided by Laurie Bird. See show results on homepage.
11th June Hedon & District Chrysanthemum Society web page available via the Signpost.
27th May Perth and District C&D Society history included in the archives.
20th April Chrysanthemum Newsgroup set up by Troy Cluss (Australia).  Newsgroup. Join now!
9th April Excellent article from Bill MacConnachie on the Cultivation of Late Flowering Sprays
2nd April Fife and Kinross C&D Society history incuded in the archives.
21st March Incurves gallery added to archives.
18th March Journal page added to follow events and activities during 2000.
11th March Archive page added - provides an inventory of many articles and reports.
11th March Registration and Exhibition statistics 1980-1999. Only if you are really keen!
4th March Bruce Skeen's diary from the International Chrysanthemum Conference, Japan, 1999.
4th March New pictures added to Findlay's Year 2000 page.
4th March New page describing the basics of Chrysanthemum breeding.
19th January New page 'Simply the Best' . My choice of the best early cultivars 1980-1999.
18th December My chrysanthemum calendar - a new page describing activities month by month.
13th December Short page added covering aspects of the Chrysanthemum Lifecycle.
4th December New pages for 1999 Cultivar performance and Summer weather stats.
9th November Early Novelty reports now available
23rd October Most Popular Cultivars summary now available.
23rd October Show Reports for Early Shows 1999 now available from homepage.
24th September Paul's Pages website awarded StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award.
19th September New venue for Aberdeen Society show proves successful. Link to 1999 Show Reports for more details
8th August New arrival in the family - see Findlays page in the Guests Corner.

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