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2001 Paul Barlow

Propagation experiment 1997

During early 1997 I had an abundance of cuttings of the cultivar Vision On. After taking enough for my needs I decided to carry out an experiment by taking a single cutting each day for 21 days. After 30 days all cuttings were taken  from the propagator and washed to remove the compost. The cuttings were then examined and photographed.

vo1.jpg (23193 bytes) Root development
This picture shows the cuttings after they had been on the propagator for 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 and 29 days.

The earliest cutting was inserted on 9th February and the latest cutting on 1st March.

The youngest cutting (9 days) has just formed a callus at the base but has not yet produced any roots.

The older cuttings (21 days onwards) have all produced substantial root systems.


vo2.jpg (19918 bytes) Roots after 13 days
These two cuttings show excellent root development beginning after 13 days with considerable expansion after 17 days.

13 day cutting
The 13 day cutting showing roots developing from the callused area at the base of the stem but also from the lower part of the stem itself.

This latter observation was quite a surprise for me as I did not know or expect to see roots developing from the stem.

The next picture takes us in even closer to examine root development in more detail.

vo3.jpg (22753 bytes)

vo4.jpg (30405 bytes)

This picture shows the 13 day cutting in close-up. The new roots have congregated around the callus at the base of the cutting and have also started to appear on the lower part of the stem. It's also possible to see the tips of the new roots on the stem as small black bumps beneath the stem surface.

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001