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2001 Paul Barlow

Registration and Exhibition Statistics

This purpose of this page is to take a look back over the last twenty years or so at details of chrysanthemum registration and exhibition statistics. It is interesting to note that the number of new cultivars being registered year on year, and the number of exhibits being put up by enthusiastic exhibitors is not diminishing. This is clearly an encouraging sign for future growers - knowing that there are chrysanthemum raisers who can produce new cultivars in reasonable numbers every year.

The following charts are included in this page:

  • Registrations in all sections 1980 - 1998 (figure 1)

  • Early sprays and disbuds registered 1980 - 1998 (figure 2)

  • October cultivars registered 1980 - 1998 (figure 3)

  • Late flowering cultivars registered 1980 - 1998 (figure 4)

  • Major UK early show exhibition numbers 1980 - 1999 (figure 5)


The following graphs show firstly the total registrations of all sections in the period 1980 - 1999. This includes Earlies, October flowering and Lates.  A  peak in 1994 is clearly evident, followed by a sharp drop in 1995 and 1996, reaching an all time low for the period reviewed. The registration rate recovered significantly in 1997 and 1998.

stats3.gif (7950 bytes)

Figure 1

The next chart shows for the same period, the numbers of Early Sprays and Disbudded cultivars registered. The Sprays registrations peak in 1986 represents a particularly productive year for Rileys' Nuseries, registering over 60 sprays with the famous 'Pennine' prefix. Early disbud registrations in 1996 follow the wider trend shown in the overall graph. Recovery is slow but encouraging in 1997 and 1998.

stats5.gif (9120 bytes)

Figure 2

The chart of registrations for October flowering cultivars looks quite promising. While there are obvious peaks and troughs, the general trend is in an upwards direction. Possibly reflecting the demand for dual purpose cultivars that can be shown at both Early and Late shows.

stats6.gif (6377 bytes)

Figure 3

Registration of Late flowering cultivars was reasonably steady between 1980 and 1991. Since then the numbers have fluctuated quite widely. Again we see the severe shortage of new registrations in 1996 with a good recovery in 1997 and 1998.

stats7.gif (8844 bytes)

Figure 4

Exhibition statistics - Early Shows

This chart shows the total number of vases exhibited at the same major UK early show between 1980 and 1999. It shows that exhibits of sprays has remained constant - somewhere between 100 and 200 vases. The number of disbudded exhibits is far more variable. 1984 was a particularly poor year (just over 400 vases exhibited) while 1993 was exceptional during the period with over 900 vases exhibited. Since 1997 the numbers again seem to be on the increase.

stats1.gif (7746 bytes)

Figure 5

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Last updated on 23 December, 2001