Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen 


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NCS AGM 2005. Presentation topic: Judging rules for reflexed blooms

This series of web pages is based on the presentation I made to the National Chrysanthemum Society 2005 Annual General Meeting in Scarborough. The purpose of reproducing the presentation in this form is to allow NCS members who did not attend the AGM to read the detail of the presentation and to be aware of how the members present voted on the proposals that were made. Throughout this presentation the opinions expressed are my own.

The presentation contains a number of pictures and diagrams to illustrate the points being made. It is arranged as a sequence of short pages that can be quickly stepped through by using the navigation links at the foot of each page. Click on 'Next Page' to begin the presentation.

Paul Barlow, April 2005

Please note: there are no restrictions on printing this series of pages. Some of the pages are quite wide and may not fit on an A4 'portrait' page without slight loss of content on the right hand side. I therefore suggest that you set your printer to print in 'landscape' format to avoid losing any information while printing these pages.