Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

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Common Pests:
- Thrips
- Leafminer
- Earwigs
- Slugs 
- Whitefly
- Capsid Bug
- Caterpillars
- Red Spider Mite
- Vine Weevil
- Sciarid Fly
- Stool Miner

Common diseases: 
- White Rust
- Verticillium Wilt
- Powdery Mildew
- Crown Gall
- Chrysanthemum Rust
- Botrytis

Common disorders:
- Nitrogen 
- Phosporus
- Potassium 
- Magnesium
- Manganese
- Copper
- Iron
- High Salt levels

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Date last updated: 
24 June 2008


Magnesium (last updated 24 June 2008 )

The typical signs of magnesium deficiency are interveinal chlorosis. In mild cases the lower leaves may become pale in colour. Where magnesium is present to excess then lower and middle leaves become yellow with veins and margins remaining green at first, reddish/purple areas may appear on the older leaves and some small brown areas may appear between leaf veins. Flower size is reduced and colour may be paler than normal. 

Magnesium Deficiency
In situations where there is a mild excess of Magnesium the leaves become dark green. Severe excess may cause growth to be checked and plants to wilt prematurely. The deficiencies associated with potassium and calcium may also be induced. 

Remedial Actions
For deficiencies dissolve epsom salt in water and apply as a foliar spray.

For excess water heavily in an attempt to leach away excess magnesium.

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