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Common Pests:
- Thrips
- Leafminer
- Earwigs
- Slugs 
- Whitefly
- Capsid Bug
- Caterpillars
- Red Spider Mite
- Vine Weevil
- Sciarid Fly
- Stool Miner

Common diseases: 
- White Rust
- Verticillium Wilt
- Powdery Mildew
- Crown Gall
- Chrysanthemum Rust
- Botrytis

Common disorders:
- Nitrogen 
- Phosporus
- Potassium 
- Magnesium
- Manganese
- Copper
- Iron
- High Salt levels

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Date last updated: 
02 July 2008


Chrysanthemum Stool Miner (last updated 02 July 2008 )

Chrysanthemum Stool Miner (Psila nigricornis) often confused with sciarid fly. 

Adults are small black-brown shiny flies, similar and closely related to carrot fly.  They first appear outdoors during May-June and lay eggs in soil near chrysanthemum plants.  Eggs hatch in 2 weeks and the larvae feed for 1-2 months before pupating in the soil or in tunnels in plant material.  A second generation emerges in August- October, the larvae for these cause most damage. These feed for up to 4 months.

Yellow-white larvae up to 6mm long, tunnel in roots, underground stems and shoots.  Young shoots often die.

The problem is often worse on early flowering stools brought into the greenhouse for propagation.

A spray strength insecticide can be watered into the soil before lifting stools or after boxing up.

A watering with Imidacloprid would give control and protect the stools from further attack while controlling aphids, leaf miner and other pests as well.

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