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2001 Paul Barlow

Chrysanthemum book list

Over the years many books have been written on the subject of chrysanthemums and their cultivation. The following list provides a selection of these publications. The age of some of these books means that the most likely source for any would-be purchaser will be through the secondhand book trade. Most recent publication is the Chrysanthemum Guide published by the National Chrysanthemum Society (UK).



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Chrysanthemums - their colourful kin and friends - Murray Book Distributors Pty Ltd, Australia (1979)

The complete book of chrysanthemums

Ackerson, Cornelius

Doubleday & Co. New York 1957

Chrysanthemums for amateur and market grower


London, Faber&Faber 1950

Encyclopaedia of chrysanthemums

Bennett, Monica

C Authur Pearson Ltd. London (1958)

Growing and Showing Chrysanthemums Brook, Wallace UK

The chrysanthemum. Its history, culture, classification, and nomenclature.

Burbidge, FW

London: The Garden Office, 1884

Chrysanthemums for house & garden.

Crane, DB


Hardy chrysanthemums

Cumming, Alex

Doubleday 1950

The chrysanthemum book

Cumming, Roderick W

Princeton, NJ Van Nostrand 1964

Spray Chrysanthemums Fox I NCS (UK)

Miniature chrysanthemums and koreans

Genders R

London Garden Book Club 1961

Early flowering chrysanthemums

Goddard JH


The new chrysanthemum treasury

Goddard, JH

Collinridge ltd. 1951

The chrysanthemum manual of the National Chrysanthemum Society.

Gosling, S. G.


Winning ways with chrysanthemums.

Gosling, Stanley and Harry Randall


Chrysanthemums (Illustrated guide) Harris, Cyril UK

Chrysanthemums, an amateur gardening picture book

Hellyer, AGL

Collingridge Pub. London 1963

The chrysanthemum: its culture for professional growers and amateurs;

Herrington, Arthur

New York: Orange Judd Company, 1917

Lates for Learners Jones, E Morley NCS (UK)

Outdoor chrysanthemums for garden and exhibition,

Jones, E Morley


Soil and chrysanthemums

Jones, E. Morley

NCS (UK) 1974

Greenhouse and garden: chrysanthemums

Kiplinger, D. C

A.T.Delamare Co 1954

Chrysanthemums - a complete guide to their culture.

Kyle, Frank.

London: Ward, Lock & Co. 1952

Chrysanthemums, under glass and outdoors.

Laurie, Alex

A, T. DeLaMare Co. NY 1930

Garden and greenhouse chrysanthemums,

Laurie, Alex & Kiplinger, DC.,


Chrysanthemums for everyone.

Loads, Fred W.


Chrysanthemums: the complete guide

Locke, Baden


The culture of the chrysanthemum

Luxford, Keith and H. T. Ebbutt

Ipswich W. E. Harrison & Sons, Ltd

Twelve Months Hard MacConnachie, Bill Scotland
Growing Lates my way Mace, Ivor NCS (UK)
Growing without Soil Machin, BJ NCS (UK)
Chrysanthemum Nutrition Machin BJ NCS (UK)

Chrysanthemums, year-round growing,

Machin, Barrie, and Scopes, Nigel

UK Blandford Press 1978

The chrysanthemum grower's treasury.

Macself, AJ

London: W.H. & L. Collingridge Ltd, 1950

Chrysanthemums and their culture

Molyneux Edwin


Chrysanthemum culture for america.

Morton, James

NY Rural Publishing 1891.

British National Register of Chrysanthemums 1964-1996 Nat Chrysanthemum Society (UK) NCS (UK)
Chrysanthemum Guide Nat Chrysanthemum Society (UK) NCS (UK)
Chrysanthemum Judging  & Exhibiting Nat Chrysanthemum Society (UK) NCS (UK)

Handbook on chrysanthemum classification: a comprehensive list of cultivars for the natural season grower

Nat Chrysanthemum Society USA

c 1978

Beginners handbook on chrysanthemum culture

National Chrysanthemum Society

1958 Booklet

Chrysanthemums of japan.

Niwa, Teizo.

London [1937] , Alle

Wallace Brook's world of Chrysanths Northern Group Northern Group (NCS UK)
Northern guide to chrysanthemum culture Northern Group Northern Group (NCS UK)
Chrysanthemums, A biography of the life and work of the Late Thomas W Pockett, OBE Pockett, John B Australia, 1958

Chrysanthemums how we grow them out of doors,

Portland Chrysanthemum Society


Chrysanthemums and how to grow them

Powell, I.l.

Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page & Co. 1917

Progressive thinking towards quality chrysanthemums Randall, Harry UK

Growing chrysanthemums.

Randall, Harry and Alan Wren

London: Croom Helm, 1983

Pests, diseases and nutritional disorders of chrysanthemums Scopes, N NCS (UK)
Chrysanthemums the inside story Scopes, N & Langton A UK

Chrysanthemums for pleasure

Scott, Ernest l. And Aleita H.

Bogota, NJ The Scotts 1953

Chrysanthemum Celebration Scottish Group Scottish Group NCS (UK)

Chrysanthemums the year round

Searle SA and Machin BJ


Chrysanthemum growing

Shewell-Cooper, W. E.,

London: Allan Wingate, 1952

Growing Chrysanthemums Skeen, Bruce Australia


Smith, James F

B.T. Batsford Ltd. London 1975

Hardy chrysanthemum cultivation.

Smith, N. Gerard

Faber & Faber Ltd. 1951


Stevenson, Thomas

London, Jack,

Chrysanthemum stopping illustrated

Stevenson,John B


Early-flowering chrysanthemums

Thistlethwaite, ET

Early Chrysanthemums Wade, Bill NCS (UK)
Chrysanthemums - just like that! Waining, F&L NCS (UK)

Well's book on the culture of the chrysantheumum for exhibition, decoration, cut flower, and market.

W. Wells


The chrysanthemum and its culture,

White, Edward A


Chrysanthemum Growing Witham-Fogg, HG UK

Chrysanthemums for garden and exhibition.

Woolman, John

Collingridge (London 1953).

Chrysanthemum Culture Woolman, John UK

Green fingers

Woolman, John.

Autobiogrphy c1968.

Chrysanthemums in pictures.

Woolman, John.

Boston, Charles T. Banford Co. (c1957)

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