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Date last updated: 
12 June 2006

Dennis Maher


Welcome to 
the world of Fantasy Chrysanthemums

Dennis Maher (Australia) with drawings 
by Mikio Okanoya (Japan).

Mikio Okanoya 

In this article Dennis explains in detail the main attributes of chrysanthemums collectively known as Fantasies. He explores the various national standards that currently exist, and illustrates his points with numerous examples in both picture and diagram form. Finally, he gives useful pointers for those of us who may be required to judge flowers in this section. 

This webpage is structured to follow as closely as possible the format of Dennis' original article, published in the December 2004 edition of  'Chrysanthemums Down Under', the official newsletter of the Australian Chrysanthemum Council.

Use the hyperlinks on the left side to work through this series of web pages.

This excellent article is reproduced with permission from Dennis Maher.

Extra! (page added 12th June 2006)
The images that Dennis provided have been assembled into a picture gallery where larger versions of the pictures display the beauty of these flowers in greater detail. 
Click the Gallery link on the left side of this page to view this new addition.

Copyright held by Dennis Maher, 2004.