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2001 Paul Barlow


There are many Chrysanthemum  forms.
These diagrams show  some of the most commonly encountered types.

reflexed3.jpg (67599 bytes) intermed2.jpg (65722 bytes)
Reflexed Intermediate
incurved3.jpg (34719 bytes) spray-wide.gif (11218 bytes)
Incurved Spray - wide column
exhib-spray.jpg (54451 bytes) spray-taper.gif (16729 bytes)
Exhibition Spray Spray - tapered column
jap2.jpg (33840 bytes) single.jpg (27125 bytes)
Large Exhibition Single
anemone.jpg (25175 bytes) pompon.jpg (16071 bytes)
Anemone Pompon

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Last updated on 23 December, 2001