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2001 Paul Barlow

a selection of varieties old and new.

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ap4.jpg (19724 bytes) pejw.jpg (19189 bytes) cs1.jpg (20383 bytes) al.jpg (22399 bytes)
Amanda Preston
25b w, released 2000
Peach John Wingfield
14b oc, released 1999
Clapham Snowflake
25b w, released 2000
Amy Lauren
24b dpu, released 1999
lw.jpg (17866 bytes) wp.jpg (22952 bytes) pr.jpg (22442 bytes) vl.jpg (22603 bytes)
Lorna Wood
13b w
Woolley Pride
14b p
Peter Rowe
23b y
Vanessa Lynn
25b w
pch.jpg (23464 bytes) km.jpg (47766 bytes) c.jpg (29023 bytes) m6.jpg (17417 bytes)
Primrose Chessington
25a ly
Kimberley Marie
15b, lb
25b Y
25b ly, released 2000
ygn.jpg (23462 bytes) salch.jpg (19270 bytes) och.jpg (25352 bytes) lch.jpg (27819 bytes)
Yellow Gingernut
25b y
Salmon Chessington
25a oc
Oyster Chessington
25a oc
Lilac Chessington
25a l pu
lj.jpg (26418 bytes) jh2.jpg (18947 bytes) wg.jpg (26880 bytes) cw.jpg (21414 bytes)
Lynn Johnson
15a, w
John Harrison
25a lb
Woolley Globe
15b w
Carlene Welby
25b lpu
ns.jpg (18588 bytes) jw.jpg (18120 bytes) pjw.jpg (19862 bytes) yjw.jpg (16673 bytes)
New Stylist
24b ly
John Wingfield
14b w
Pink John Wingfield
14b lp
Yellow John Wingfield
14b y

Colour and Classification system.

Colours: there are twenty one possible colour classifications:  Bronze (b), Pink (p), Purple (pu), Red (r), Yellow (y), Salmon (s) - each of the preceding clasifications can be prefixed 'Light' (l) or 'Deep' (d) making eighteen, additionally white, cream and 'other colours'.

Classification: chrysanthemums are allocated a number to represent their type and natural flowering time. For the purposes of this gallery numbers in the range 23-25 are September flowering and numbers in the range 13-15 are October flowering. To determine the type 13 and 23 are 'incurved', 14 and 24 are 'reflexed', 15 and 25 are 'intermediate'. The character immediately following the 'type' number represents bloom size - 'a' is large, 'b' is medium, 'c' is small.

Link to the Chrysanthemum Forms page to see a number of diagrams depicting chrysanthemum types

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Last updated on 13 January, 2002