Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
03 April 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

Hydroponics FAQs

Q1. How often do you feed your plants?
Every time I water, feed is included in the irrigation water. (Also see Q8.)

Q2. Do you feed directly into each container or on to the bench and let it run down past the plants?
A2. Feed\water directly into each container. Then runs down bench to be collected and re-circulated for next session after rebalancing.

Q3. How much do you give to each plant?
A3. Give to each container until it reaches maximum.

Q4. Does the amount given differ with the stage of growth?
A4. Always to the maximum. Re-water\feed before it goes down to 50% dryness. Keep the aggregate wet, never restrict as traditional growing. Ripeness is achieved by balance of feeding not by restricting water, This is the big difference!!

The amount of water\feed is required more often when the weather is warm, with increased evaporation, transpiration of the plants.

Q5. Is it possible to grow hydroponically without some form of overhead protection?
A5. Without overhead protection, can't see why not. This could be a challenge as an experiment for a interested grower. Air pots, perlite \vermiculite aggregate, on standing ground as traditional, but watering run to waste, no bench. Decs, Incurves, JAPS? 
This would still be HYDROPONICS.

Q6. Do your plants go though a series of container sizes as the pants get bigger?
A6. The rooted cuttings  are planted straight into final containers. Different root structure to clay pots.

Q7. At what stage in the process do you feed with plain water (no feed)?
A7. Plain water is only administered to cuttings whilst rooting and at bud break through flowering.

Q8. How do you decide when to feed? Do you operate on a pre-set frequency or are climatic factors and stage of growth also taken into account? 
A8. Feed is always included in irrigation water except on rooting cuttings and at flowering time. Not a preset frequency but when required. When aggregate starts to dry out a little, if in doubt irrigate, impossible to over water in AIR-POTS and my aggregate.

Q9. Where can I buy the equipment required to create a hydroponic set-up?
There are many sources for hydroponics equipment, the company I use is Holland Hydroponics, Parliament Street, Burnley,Lancashire,TEL.0845 872 0590

They have a comprehensive catalogue of all things Hydroponic with shops in Burnley, Manchester, Huddersfield. Available through Mail Order. 

Website Holland Hydroponics =>  HYDROPONICS.CO.UK


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