Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
25 August 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

Gallery Page

This page will display relevant photos as the season progresses.

19th May 2012
Picture shows "mother" plants just "stopped" to produce cuttings for growing "one ups"

June 12th - lots of cuttings on the "mother" plants.

This photo taken 23rd June showing cuttings just starting to root. 479 cuttings in total comprising 256 cuttings of 256 new seedlings for first trial, 223 cuttings of 31 pre-selected and trialled cultivars.

July 29th - plants being grown for producing seed - 12 plants per standard seed tray.
Note buds already produced.
July 29th plants being grown one-up, five plants per air pot.
Note consistency of growth.

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Anemone Close-ups

Diamond encrusted Anemones


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