Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
03 April 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

Hydroponic Bench

The benches on which chrysanthemums are grown are a permanent fixture in my glasshouse. They slope gently to allow water (incorporating nutrients and supplements) to drain from the containers and  be re-circulated. Collection is very scientific - in a plastic bucket!

Mine is a low-tech solution - no automatic systems, pumps, pipes, drippers, timers etc here!

Water and feeding is carried out by hand, you will find more details of this process under 'Nutrition'.

My benches are constructed from old wooden pallets. The top is lined with hardboard to make a smooth surface to receive the waterproof membrane which is a fish pond liner.

Laths along sides to direct water down the bench to be collected at the lower end.

Chrysanthemums are flowered on bench, I have sufficient headroom for "one-ups" as these are not very tall. Any that are too tall can be dropped to the floor when flowering or to space out when flowering.

The Anemones that I breed and grow are not too tall but still have sufficient stem length for exhibiting in a vase.

Photos really show it all. The bench has just been cleared ready for the season. Some rooted cuttings shown, these will be grown as mother plants for propagation by cuttings in June.

Floor of glasshouse covered entirely with black woven plastic matting, this is very clean and no weeds!

No heaters, dehumidifiers, fans, no damping or scorch. This I attribute to the type of Chrysanthemum I specialise in and partly to the method of cultivation .

I aim to ensure all plants are made ripe and flowers are of good texture by controlled nutrition at every stage. 

Note the overlapping pond liner and the laths along the sides of the bench to guide the water towards the run-off point.

Links to pages where you can view magnified images of Eric's Anemone Seedlings.

Anemone Close-ups

Diamond encrusted Anemones


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