Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
29 May 2012


Welcome to Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

I'm delighted to be able to publish this new series of pages on growing chrysanthemums by hydroponic culture by Eric Anderton. 

Over recent weeks Eric has described his methods under the topic headings listed on the lefthand side of this page, he has tried to offer practical advice in a straightforward, down to earth manner. Eric has also kindly offered to respond to reader's questions on the subject of hydroponic culture - please use the 'Ask Eric' link to get in touch.

Eric Anderton
Eric Anderton

Eric grows and breeds his anemone chrysanthemums entirely by hydroponics and has done so successfully for a number of years. Click for => Anemone Close-ups

He has family connections with a large hydroponics company and direct access to many consultants on the subject.

Many of the techniques and scientific knowledge are also of interest to growers using traditional methods

Eric insists that any hydroponic method must be simple to apply, straightforward and easy to use, of practical application and the results must be as good or better than and have advantages over conventional methods.

Some of Eric's anemone centred seedlings grown hydroponically,
Click to view more of Eric's  Anemone Seedlings


Links to pages where you can view magnified images of Eric's Anemone Seedlings.

Anemone Close-ups

Diamond encrusted Anemones

Hydroponics Suppliers

GavsGrow, Aberdeen

Holland Hydroponics

last updated: 29 May 2012

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