Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
03 April 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

Hydroponics - Working With Water. Says it all!  

Water is the only way nutrients are delivered to plants. What is in water is just what plants get, and it is instantly available.

You have full control depending on requirement and what you determine is needed for the particular stage of growth.

With traditional composts, some of the nutrition is stored in the compost and requires a number of processes to occur before becoming available to plants.

This is the key to irrigation with Hydroponics.

Over-watering is virtually impossible with Air-Pots and the aggregate I use plus  oxygenated water and super drainage. Air/water ratio is ideal and root action is  extensive.

Aggregate should not be allowed to dry out more than 50% of the maximum. If in doubt and the weather is good and warm, plants transpiring, then irrigate.

If aggregate dries out then the EC will increase accordingly to undesirable level.

Irrigation is simple and carried out by hand! No re-circulating pumps, pipes, drippers, automatic timers and controls here!

I enjoy watering, it gives me time to spend in the greenhouse "watching the plants grow" and to consider the finer details that make all the difference.

Watering is easy when everything is conveniently to hand. Two tanks with mains water supply adjacent. Water stored and balanced with nutrients, EC and PH monitored.

Oxygen is injected by bubbling air continuously from an air pump. Get a substantial one with at least 4 outlets and 4 air stones. (see photo below)

Other advantages of air injection is to keep water fresh and removal of chlorine gas.

Obviously water drains from containers down bench and is re-circulated into my high tech bucket, then returned to tanks for rebalancing for next session on Irrigation.

After a couple of weeks or so a fresh start can be made by replacing the contents of the tanks. This is due to any build -up of elements not used by plants. This water is not wasted as I use it on my vegetables etc.


Also, we are  learning more about how plants grow.

An interesting insight into what is actually happening can be obtained by checking the EC of the recycled water in the bucket.


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