Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
03 April 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

pH Control
I am sure most gardeners are aware of the principles of pH measurement but I make no excuses for repeating it here. There are also certain principles with regard to Hydroponic culture.

Acid and alkalinity are measured on the pH scale. Neutral is 7. As the numbers go down acidity increases. As the numbers go up alkalinity increases.

Pure water measures 7, My tap water is 7.8, my rain water is 7.5.

Outside certain parameters of pH some elements of nutrition may be reduced in availability to plants, making the possibility of deficiency. This is not so apparent in Hydroponics as most of the elements are made readily available by chelation. I would certainly insist that the calcium is chelated, it is in the brand that I use, although this is not the case in some brands. However it is always best to maintain the pH level as recommended by the particular manufacturer. Mine recommends 5.6

My pH Meter

Water (with nutrients added nutrients themselves can change the pH) can easily be measured by a few easy methods.

1. Litmus paper and indicator.

2. Liquid test and indicator.

3. Battery operated meter specifically designed for for the purpose. However, this does need calibration using a "buffer" solution.

Adjustments to pH can easily be made, after nutrients added to water, by the addition of a few drops of a liquid "pH UP" or "pH DOWN" But never together!

This is very strong stuff indeed and should be handled with extreme care. See instructions on bottle.

If you think this is all a bit tedious, it really isn't as it is all done in the irrigation tank and becomes routine. See page on IRRIGATION.


One manufacturer has now introduced nutrients that are pH PERFECT. It is claimed adjustment is not necessary inside the parameters of 4.5 and 8.5

This is a tremendous advance in technology and you heard of it first on this website!

Bottle of pH Down,  Buffer solution for calibration of Meter.

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