Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen

by Eric Anderton

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Date last updated: 
03 April 2012


Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
By Eric Anderton

Practical applications

Eric hopes to us this page to convey practical ideas and suggestions as the season progresses.

Practical Application 1 
Would any traditional Chrysanthemum Grower be willing to try AIR-POTS this season?

Just 3 plants in 3 containers, exactly same compost or soil mix that you are using, same feeding routine. Use them alongside your regular "final pots" on the standing ground. 3 Containers would only cost about 10.

You would need to stand them on a tile or similar to stop the roots going into the gravel or whatever the standing ground is composed of.

If you would like to have a go please let me know and register your interest.

Decs or Incurves, or what about 3 Japs?



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