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2001 Paul Barlow

Journal 2000

I've created this page to record events in my 2000 growing season. The first part of the page gives details of the cultivars I'm growing and the dates on which certain activities and events take place.The second part of the page is a journal of events and activities during 2000, I'll try to keep this updated regularly.

I'm not sure whether this page will be of  interest to readers or not, some feedback will be helpful. Thanks.

Cultivars grown
in 2000
Class / Colour Root Stop Bud
Large Intermediates . . . . . . .
Lynn Johnson 15a W 18/12 and 28/12 26/2 24/6 10/7 23/9 on early stop required,
grow two up
Primrose Chessington 25a LY 28/12 19/3 3/7 10/7 23/9 on grow one up
Lilac Chessington 25a LP 18/12 and 28/12 19/3 3/7 15/7 23/9 on grow one up
Oyster Chessington 25a OC 28/12 19/3 28/6 10/7 16/9 on grow one up
Salmon Chessington 25a S 18/12 19/3 26/6 11/7 23/9 grow 2 up in pots
John Harrison 25a B 2/1 and 9/1 9/4 24/6 15/7 16/9 on try one up
Medium Relexed . . . .
John Wingfield 14b W 2/1 and 15/1 2/4 and 9/4 26/6 10/7 16/9 on two batches
Yellow John Wingfield 14b Y 2/1 and 15/1 2/4 and 9/4 24/6 6/7 9/9 on two batches
Pink John Wingfield 14b P 2/1 and 15/1 2/4 and 9/4


8/7 16/9 on two batches
Peach John Wingfield 14b OC 30/1 9/4 27/6 10/7 16/9 on. released '99, 6 plants
Woolley Pride 14b P 18/12 13/3 24/6 10/7 23/9 on grow two up
Vanessa Lynn 24b W 9/1 26/3   15/6 Runon 21/7 4/9 1st crown
23/9 runon
early buds run on
New Stylist 24b LY 9/1 16/4  19/6 1/7 16/9 early buds run on
Medium Intermediates . . . . . . .
Woolley Globe 15b W 2/1 and 9/1 9/4 7/7 17/7 23/9 on one batch this year
12 plants
Carlene Welby 25b Pu 2/1 and 15/1 9/4 and 16/4 30/6 11/7 9/9 on two batches
Yellow Gingernut 25b Y 30/1 1/5 1/7 21/7 16/9 on grow one up, in pots
Cornetto 25b Y 9/1 23/4 24/6 9/7 9/9 on .
Clapham Snowflake 25b W 10/1 9/4 8/7 17/7 30/9 new release for 2000
Amanda Preston 25b W 10/1 9/4 24/6 6/7 16/9 new release for 2000
Kimberley Marie 15b B 24/1 8/3 17/6 3/7 4/9 early stop required
Millennium 25b Y 10/1 and 12/2 1/5 11/7 23/7 30/9 on. new release for 2000
Medium Incurved . . . . . .
Peter Rowe 23b Y 10/1 23/4 27/6 10/7 9/9 on Tow up
Lorna Wood 13b W 9/1 16/4 24/6 6/7 4/9 on Two up

Journal 2000

Date Journal entry
September 30th Season over now but still quite a few blooms on the plot. As always some successes and some failures. Lots of tidying up to be done and stools to be boxed up and stored. Making plans for next year - numbers, varieties etc.
August 5th Overhead protection put in place during last week. Most varieties being moved into bud bags now. Some early varieties now into large bags - New Stylist and Kimberley Marie.
July 30th Continuing to liquid feed up to calyx split. A few more varieties have their buds at this stage now - Yellow John Wingfield, Peter Rowe, Lorna Wood, Lynn Johnson, John Harrison, New Stylist.
July 21st Nearly everything secured now, only Millennium to go. At last a few days of warm weather and it seems to be making a difference. Buds developing nicely. First Kimberley Marie buds reached calyx split during the week and bud bags put on.
July 11th Securing buds in most cultivars, some noticeably later than others e.g Chessingtons, Woolley Pride, Woolley Globe. Continuing cold with little or no sunshine. Winds northerly/north easterly which doesn't help. Liquid feed continuing but with reduced frequency/strength for Chessingtons, New Stylist, Peter Rowe.
July 1st Buds visible in most cultivars now. Earliest New Stylist buds being run on. Plants seem shorter than in previous years, especially Chessingtons. No summer in Aberdeen so far, still too many days when daytime temps don't reach 15C and at night we drop to 5-6C.
June 24th First buds visible in several cultivars - Cornetto, Lorna Wood, John Harrison. Continuing with liquid feed roughly every 6 days  (Chessingtons on half strength).
June 18th Strongest winds in 80 years hit northern Scotland in the early part of last week. Amazingly very little damage to the chrysanths. Most Vanessa Lynn now run-on. Taking the third break down from the first crown bud as the run-on stem. Click here for a picture of the plant after run-on.
June 11th All plants putting on height now. Feeding programme started. All plants now reduced to the planned number of laterals - most are carrying two but some down to one (Chessingtons, Yellow Gingernut). First Vanessa Lynn buds run on, one plant appears to be 7-10 days earlier than the others.
May 28th Two days of almost non-stop rain this weekend, need a bit of sunshine now I think. A couple of photos available showing the beds where disbuds are being grown. The first bed contains the mediums and the second contains the large varieties.
May 20th Early sprays planted out today. Heavy rain during last week has certainly given the early disbuds a rush of growth, laterals coming along quite nicely.
May 10th-12th Planted the early disbuds in the final positions and pots. Root systems generally good.
May 6/7th All beds prepared for planting next week. All plants sprayed with insecticide and fungicide. Most varieties showing good development in breaks.
May 1st Many plants wilting in warm sunshine. Some plants have developed roots mainly on one side of the rootball - strange. Prepared plots ready for fertiliser dressing as recommended by soil analysis.
April 9th Started to move sprays into larger containers.
April 2nd Moved lots more plants into 5" pots yesterday. Weather is awful today, snow showers all day long, temp at 2C. Looks like winter is hanging on for a while longer.
March 26th/27th Moved a number of cultivars into 5 inch pots: Wingfields, Woolley Globe, John Harrison, Carlene Welby, Peter Rowe, Clapham Snowflake, Lorna Wood and Amanda Preston.
March 19th Chessingtons stopped. Second spray bed prepared.
March 11th First few plants moved into 5inch pots: Lynn Johnson and some Chessingtons.
Mixed more compost for 5inch pots, used sterilised materials. Prepared new bed for early sprays.

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001