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Early Best Vases:
- Incurved
Large Reflexed
- Medium Reflexed
- Large Intermediate
- Medium Intermediate
- Spray - anemone
- Spray - Double
- Spray - Single

Late Best Vases: 
Large Exhibition
- Medium Exhibition
- Incurved 
- Reflexed
(to 2007)
- Large Reflexed
- Medium Reflexed
- Intermediate
(to 2007)
- Large Intermediate  
- Medium Intermediate
- Anemone
- Singles
(to 2007)
- Large Singles 
- Medium Singles
- Late Spray - singles
- Late Sprays - double
- Fantasies

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Date last updated: 
04 February 2012


Welcome to a celebration of National Best Vases
(last updated 04 February 2012 )

I'm delighted to publish this archive of National Best Vases  from U.K. Early and Late National Shows since 2000. This is the second of two new sets of pages in the series to celebrate over 10 years of publishing this information on my website.

While these photos are already available individually in the annual show reports, they have never been presented collectively as a celebration of Best Vases from the National Shows. In that sense these pages are a unique record of National Best Vases since 2000.

In 2008 the sections for Late Reflexed, Intermediate and Singles were split into large and medium, thus introducing three additional best vases. The links on the left hand side reflect the increase in number of Best Vase awards.

For the most part the archives are complete in as much as there is a picture of all best vases in all sections in each of the years covered by these new pages. Unfortunately there are one or two pictures missing from the early years so if anyone can provide a picture to fill a gap that would be great.

Also available, pages showing exhibits of  National Champions

I hope you enjoy these new pages.



Section 1 Section 2 Fantasy
The majority of the photos displayed in these pages were taken by me, supplemented by images kindly supplied by the following:
2011 - Ivor Mace and Harry Lawson 

2009 - Ivor Mace

2007 - Jack Gilbert, Dave Holden, Harry Lawson

2006 - Ivor Mace, Jack Gilbert, Harry Lawson, Peter Fraser, Dave Holden

2005 - Ivor Mace, Harry Lawson, Jack Gilbert, Dave & Val Thorrington

2001 - Bruce Skeen, Ian Payne, Jack Powell, Peter Fraser, Phil Bartlett

2000 - Peter Fraser, Ron Jones, Ian Payne


Copyright 2010 Paul Barlow.