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Last updated 13/12/2009

My Chrysanthemum Story - part two by Doris Joyce 

The Conclusion to My Story ....

Well here I am again . I am sure many of you that read Paul's page will be wondering how I went on for the rest of the year growing and showing my Chrysanthemums.

Doris Joyce at Doncaster Late Show 2009

I'm sure many will be thinking I just had a lucky break. As you will recall Ivor Mace had answered my plea and was teaching me how to grow Chrysanthemums the Ivor Mace way.

I think everyone will agree after reading this I didn't have a lucky break I was fortunate enough to have a very talented teacher. I thought I had done well to win and gain the rosettes plus certificates of merit for best blooms in the Novice Section. 

Doncaster Late Show
The Doncaster and District Flower and Vegatable late show held at Markham Grange, Doncaster was coming up and I had some really good Trident in bud. I also a couple of Gigantics. The weather had been really mild and the dehumidifiers were getting the moisture out well at night, then the weather changed. The rain came day after day and the temperature dropped.

Problems with damping
I went into the greenhouse and noticed the lovely large buds that had started to form into large blooms had started to show some brown petals. Damp was the problem. Panic set in as more and more petals showed signs of damping off on all the Japs.  I  went through everything possible with Ivor looking for a possible cause for the damping. I had the dehumidifier running , I had used my meter to keep a check when to feed and water so I knew they hadn't been overfed or over watered. I was devastated. Then Ivor noticed I hadn't put my heating on in the greenhouse. I had made the mistake like many Novice growers thinking that the dehumidifier was sufficient in the greenhouse. It never entered my head they needed heat as well. It cost me dear and I lost all my Tridents, Gigantics, and one Jessie Hapgood.

Not all doom and gloom
I did manage to save a cream Duke of Kent and a Primrose Jessie Hapgood which were a little bit behind the others .These I entered into the show and to my delight I won 1st and 2nd prize with the Primrose Jessie Hapgood and the Cream Duke of Kent. I also entered 2 vases of 3 cultivars in the Novice Section which were 3 White Fairweather and 3 Fairweather and 2 vases of 3 cultivars of 3 Yellow Fairweather and 3 Fairweather in the Intermediate Section.

large exhibition blooms at Doncaster

I also entered a single bloom of Yellow Fairweather in the Intermediate Section. I won 1st prize with all my entries plus best blooms in both the Novice and the Intermediate Sections .I was awarded the Silver Sherrifs Trophy for my blooms in the Novice section and the Silver Doncaster & Doncaster, Chrysanthemum Society Trophy for my blooms in the Intermediate section. I was very pleased!

My incurve blooms at Doncaster Late Show

Northern Group Show
The big Northern Group Show which again was also held at Markham Grange was coming up on the 22nd November and I knew this would be a real challenge. Its one thing winning in a local show but I was very nervous about entering into a show with people like John and Allyson Peace. I remembered what their beautiful blooms were like in the early show and believe me I wasn't looking forward to this Northern Show. I had achieved so much success with what I had already shown I was scared to say the least. Once again Ivor Mace stepped in and gave me the encouragement I needed to enter the last of my blooms which were Fairweather. 

I entered a vase a 3 Fairweather and a Charm I had been growing. I didn't win with my Charm but I did win 1st prize with my vase of 3 Fairweather. 

I would just like to say if someone of my age can start growing Chrysanthemums and get such satisfaction winning with them and anyone has been inspired with "My Story" and thinks they would like to have a go at growing these beautiful Blooms go ahead I can recommend it. 

You are never too old to learn!

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