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Last updated 28/12/2012

Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate E-Book.
From: Feedback:
Eric Anderton
Dear Paul. What a tremendous publication! It really is a credit to you and Ivor. This could not be published in book form - it would be 3 foot thick! and it could not be updated without a rewrite and a new publication. If you grow chrysanths you have got to get this, what would a book cost with just a fraction of the information? Buy one of these new tablets and a download, what a present! 
Regards ERIC.
28th December 2012
Harry Lawson 

The Quality is Top Draw, both deserve special praise for skillfully putting together the best book on this subject. The savings that it saves on Printers & Packing & Postage is very big via the Computer & it is such a quick delivery & ready to read plus anybody can enlarge the viewing of it.

This must of been mammoth task to tackle, You both must of spent months on this especially research & know how to make it so easy to follow & great help from your Daughter.
Well done Ivor & Paul.

Chris Brookes
Evergreen Chrysanthemum Club, Seattle, USA
Many thanks for a great book created with an immense amount of research and work. I'm running errands today so I've not yet had chance to go through the chapters in detail. However, the timing of the book's arrival is excellent as tonight happens to be the monthly meeting of the Evergreen Chrysanthemum Club in Seattle. I see the book as not only a great reference source, but also a great teaching tool for our meetings.

Thank you again for a lot of effort and for keeping us informed.
Doris Joyce 
I would just like to Congratulate you on your excellent book. I am enjoying it immensely. I am sure it will be of great value to anyone who buys it. WELL DONE to you and Ivor. 
Regards Doris
Dennis Maher
Sidney, Australia
Thanks for the e-book on chrysanths.
I just had a quick look through and it is fantastic.
In our next CDU I will give a plug for your chrysanth e-book. I'm sure you will have some takers as the price is quite reasonable.
Thanks again to you both and congratulations on a job well done.
John Nevill 
Thanks to Ivor and yourself for the book. I have had quick look through it and it seems very comprehensive and up to date something the Chrysanthemum world needs.
Thanks again.
All the best,

David Pockett
This is a remarkable production - you and Ivor are to be congratulated - this must have taken years !!
It's great to know that my great grandfathers work is still providing some happiness to many growers.



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When you embark on your purchase you will be invited to register on Ivor's site to create your account. After completing the payment process your account will be activated and you will then be able to download your copy of the e-book securely to your home pc.

 If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader there is a link for you to acquire the reader at no cost. 

The file is approximately 
20mb so downloading will take a short time and will be dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

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