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Last updated 13/09/2011

Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate E-Book.

RHS Plantsman Review September 2011

The e-book was the subject of a review in the prestigious RHS Plantsman magazine in September 2011. The following are extracts from that review.  

Electronic books are now widespread, especially in the fiction market ... However, they are not widespread in horticulture, .... This e-book on chrysanthemums is therefore a pioneering work.

There are chapters on history in cultivation, obtaining stock, potting composts, propagation, bed preparation, bloom protection and exhibiting. The bulk of the chapters present detailed cultural information on each class of chrysanthemum. There are also appendices on micropropagation, beneficial fungi, hot water treatment, sports, fertilisers, pests and diseases, and classification. 

As you can see, it is aimed primarily at the exhibition grower.

The strength of this e-book lies in the fact that it is written by two experienced growers and their extensive knowledge is conveniently distilled into its pages. It is also jam-packed with clear photographs illustrating most aspects discussed in the text, including numerous pictures of recommended cultivars hyperlinked to the cultivation tables. Indeed, hyperlinks are used throughout to aid navigation.

Although the subject matter may not appeal to many readers of The Plantsman, this is a notable step forward in horticultural publishing.  

How to purchase The Ultimate E-book 

You can make your purchase through Ivor's website where your payment is collected securely using PayPal.

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