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Last updated 23/01/2017

Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate E-Book version 4
By Ivor Mace and Paul Barlow.
*** Updated January 2017 ***

** AVAILABLE NOW and still only 10.00 **

Version 4 available to buyers of earlier versions 
at no additional cost
  • The authors of this publication have combined experience of over 70 years chrysanthemum cultivation.

  • We believe this e-book is a global first on the subject of chrysanthemums and the first complete chrysanthemum publication in over a decade.

  • The e-book contains broad coverage - from Large Exhibition to Fantasies and Early disbuds to Hardy Garden.

  • The e-book now boasts over 470 pages packed with advice and guidance and literally hundreds of photographs and illustrations.

Ivor Mace and Paul Barlow
  • Contains contributions from four U.K. National Champions.

  • At 23mb the e-book requires no more space on your computer than
    a handful of high quality digital photos.

  • New content December 2012 includes new chapters on Stopping & Timing and Hydroponics, guest contributions from USA growers covering growing Cascades and 1000 bloom plants, plus extensive gallery updates to all sections. 

  • New content August 2014 includes a description of the cultural methods used in Kolkata, India,  and a full description of the USA Classification system. As always, new content is fully supported by colour photos.

  • New content January 2017 includes new gallery entries and cultural guides.

  • definitely the only chrysanthemum book you'll need to buy."

Clare Foggett, Editor Garden News, writes about the e-book

"You do not need to read far to realise what depth of knowledge and expertise has gone into writing it"

" you know the advice inside these pages is top-notch."

" it's also in-depth and detailed, yet delivered in simple language and straightforward terms, with excellent explanatory photos that help make sense of all aspects of chrysanthemum growing."

"Everything you need to know to grow chrysanthemums successfully is explained in these pages, making it the perfect reference for anyone growing these addictive plants for the first time, as well as a must-have for the seasoned grower."

"The word 'ultimate' is over-used these days, but I really do believe that Chrysanthemums - The Ultimate E-book, is worthy of its 'ultimate'. "

" definitely the only chrysanthemum book you'll need to buy."

What's covered in the ultimate e-book ... 

Meet the Authors
Chapter 1 - Introducing Chrysanthemums 
Chapter 2 - A brief history of the chrysanthemum 
Chapter 3 - Obtaining Stock 
Chapter 4 - Looking After Your Stools 
Chapter 5 - Potting Composts 
Chapter 6 - Propagation Equipment 
Chapter 7 - Rooting Cuttings 
Chapter 8 - Soil Preparation 
Chapter 9 - First Potting 
Chapter 10 - Second Potting 
Chapter 11 - Final Potting 
Chapter 12 - Stopping & Timing
Chapter 13 - Planting and summer care 
Chapter 14 - Summer quarters and standing ground 
Chapter 15 - Bloom protection - Earlies 
Chapter 16 - Housing the plants in the greenhouse 
Chapter 17 - Exhibiting Early disbuds 
Chapter 18 - Exhibiting Late flowering types. 
Chapter 19 - Chrysanthemum Hydroponics
Chapter 20 - Large & Medium Exhibition chrysanthemums 
Chapter 21 - Decorative chrysanthemums 
Chapter 22 - Incurve chrysanthemums 
Chapter 23 - Single chrysanthemums 
Chapter 24 - Anemone chrysanthemums 
Chapter 25 - Fantasy chrysanthemums 
Chapter 26 - Charms, Cascades & Specimen plants 
Chapter 27 - Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums 
Chapter 28 - Spray chrysanthemums 
Chapter 29 - Dwarf Pot Chrysanthemums 

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms 
Appendix B - Propagation experiment 
Appendix C - Beneficial Fungi 
Appendix D - Micropropagation 
Appendix E - Hot water Treatment 
Appendix F - Useful external resources 
Appendix G - Chrysanthemum Sports 
Appendix H - Chrysanthemums in Japan, China and India 
Appendix I - Fertilisers Chart 
Appendix J - Pests, diseases and nutritional disorders 
Appendix K - Large Exhibition Gallery 
Appendix L - Medium Exhibition Gallery 
Appendix M - Decoratives Gallery 
Appendix N - Incurves Gallery 
Appendix O - Singles Gallery 
Appendix P - Anemones Gallery 
Appendix Q - Fantasies Gallery 
Appendix R - Charms & Specimens Gallery 
Appendix S - Hardy Garden Gallery 
Appendix T - Sprays Gallery 
Appendix U - U.K. Classification system 
Appendix V - USA Classification system


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How to purchase The Ultimate E-book 

When you embark on your purchase you will be invited to register on Ivor's site to create your account. After completing the payment process your account will be activated and you will then be able to download your copy of the e-book securely to your home pc.

 If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader there is a link for you to acquire the reader at no cost. 

The file is approximately 
22mb so downloading will take a short time and will be dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

Buy securely on-line:
You can make your purchase securely through Ivor's website  using either your credit or debit card. Please note we do not have access to your card details. 

If you are outside the U.K. don't worry - Paypal takes care of  currency conversion.

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