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Last updated 29/02/2012

Late flowering anemone centred chrysanthemums

This new page is to showcase Eric Anderton's anemone centred seedlings

Eric is unsure whether there is sufficient interest in this section for him to go to the trouble of having the seedlings registered. You will find photos of some of Eric's seedlings below.

Some information from Eric
"I have 95 seedlings for further trial this year and just germinated about 200 seedlings. Over the last 2 years I grew 500 seedlings each year.

There are not many new anemones on the show benches, the Mundials will not last for ever!!! We want something new."

If you would like to register your interest in Eric's seedlings please contact him directly by e-mail using the following e-mail address:

Seedling 1
Seedling 2
Seedling 3
Seedling 4
Seedling 5
Seedling 6
Seedling 7

Eric Anderton - background info:
I live in Tottington, near Bury in Lancashire.

My main interest is plant genetics. I have a lifelong interest in breeding, especially gladioli. I am the author of "Growing Gladioli" and a life long member of the British Gladiolus Society. I am now breeding late flowering anemone chrysanthemums.

I am also interested in hydroponics and all my chrysanths are grown using this method. - bringing chrysanthemums to life!
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