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Last updated 03/02/2012


My name is Paul Barlow, I grow my chrysanthemums in Aberdeen, Scotland.   I started growing chrysanthemums in 1981 when I tried a few late flowering cultivars for flowering in November. Some of these blooms were exhibited in a local show and achieved a small measure of success. After this I was hooked! Approximately 300 plants of early flowering cultivars are grown to produce blooms from late August to end September. 

The purpose of this website is to share the enjoyment of growing chrysanthemums and to help those new to this hobby to grow good flowers and hopefully make contact with other growers around the world.

A few pages to introduce the site:

Site development plan
I try to update and improve the site as often as possible. Sometimes you will find a mixture of presentation styles and navigation bars, however all links should still work and pages should be accessible. If you find  links on the site that appear to be broken please let me know. - bringing chrysanthemums to life!
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