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Last updated 28/01/2010

Max Stockton - a visit to USA gives inspiration 
a new image gallery with photos courtesy of Max Stockton (UK)

On a visit to Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia USA, Max Stockton re-discovered his interest in chrysanthemums as a result of the amazing blooms on display. Max has kindly agreed to share his photos with us. 

Shield Chrysanthemum
One Thousand bloom Chrysanthemum
Click here to visit =>  Longwood Gardens website

 More of Max's photos in 
thumbnail form

 max-USA2009-419-600.jpg (50877 bytes)


max-USA2009-423-600.jpg (64265 bytes)


max-USA2009-424-600.jpg (54648 bytes)


max-USA2009-426-600.jpg (51264 bytes)


max-USA2009-429-600.jpg (51736 bytes)


max-USA2009-450-600.jpg (45514 bytes)


max-USA2009-453-600.jpg (49488 bytes)


max-USA2009-461-600.jpg (44621 bytes)


max-USA2009-430-600.jpg (35889 bytes)


max-USA2009-428-600.jpg (53858 bytes)


max-USA2009-435-600.jpg (42775 bytes)


max-USA2009-433-600.jpg (59332 bytes)


max-USA2009-432-600.jpg (50084 bytes) - bringing chrysanthemums to life!
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