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2001 Paul Barlow

Novelty reports 2000

Just a few reports on the novelties I grew in 2000.

Amanda Preston, 25b W, (M Johnson 2000)
Rooted cuttings received from the supplier early February and stopped 9th April. Health and habit good, medium/large leaves, strong stems. Some blooms damped a little in bags but form excellent and available mid September. Worth another try next year.

apreston.jpg (25246 bytes)

Millennium, 25b LY, (Oldham/Rowe 2000)
Rooted cuttings received first week in February and stopped 1st May. Plants grew very tall (over six foot) and blooms very late with me. Health good, small foliage and straight stems. Blooms bagged and no damping. Grow again next year but stop a few weeks earlier.

m6.jpg (17417 bytes)

Clapham Snowflake, 25b W, (RT Jones 2000)
Rooted cuttings received from the supplier 2nd February and stopped 9th April. Nice grower - about 5ft high small leaves but thick, straight stems. Blooms too late for the shows and running out of peta but no damping at all (in bags). Worth another try with earlier root and stop to see if earlier blooms are better.

cs1.jpg (20383 bytes)

Peach John Wingfiel14b OC (Garrett 1999)
Rooted cuttings received from the raiser 23rd February and grown on in similar style to the other members of the family. Stopped 2nd April and grown two up and three up. Flowering time similar to the other sports and the parent although blooms a little smaller. Colour was exceptional in the early stages but faded a bit as blooms developed. Still a worthwhile colour addition and definitely worth growing if you do well with the other sports. Health, habit and foliage all as other sports.

pejw.jpg (18716 bytes)

Millennium, Clapham Snowflake and Amanda Preston:

nov3.jpg (21003 bytes)

A few reports from other growers:

John Middleton, 25a PU (Oldam, 2000) (F)
Bought in plants received in February. Plants stopped 12th March and grown two up. Plants reached 6feet in height. Good stem and health and foliage considered good. Blooms ready 24th September. Comments from this grower indicate blooms where poor and untidy in the lower third and also in the top petals. Will not grow this one again.

jmiddleton.jpg (9413 bytes)

Clapham Delight, 23a W (RT Jones, 1999) (F)
Bought in plants received in February and stopped 12th March and grown two up. Plants reached appx 3feet 6 inches in height. Blooms available mid September. Considered good interms of stem, foliage and health. Good form but requires stock selection regarding size of blooms. Will be grown again next year.  (Thumbnail image)

cd.jpg (29701 bytes)

Kathryn Hockedy (25a W)

and Tim Sandall (25a Y)

both are year 2000 releases, only this picture currently available.

khandts.jpg (14714 bytes)


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Last updated on 18 December, 2001