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2001 Paul Barlow

Novelty Report  2001

Just a few reports on how the first and second year novelties performed for me in 2001, supplemented by comments received from other growers.

Amanda Preston, 25b W, (M Johnson 2000)
Second year for this cultivar.
Did not live up to it's promise of last year, all blooms rotted in the bags when other cultivars grown alongside had no problems. No blooms shown. Upper foliage showed signs of severe deterioration at flowering time. 

apreston.jpg (25246 bytes)

Millennium, 25b LY, (Oldham/Rowe 2000)
Second year for this cultivar. Tall, thin grower but good blooms.  Health generally good, small foliage and straight stems. Blooms bagged and no damping. Stopped slightly earlier this year to give blooms from mid Sept onwards. Will grow again.

m6.jpg (17417 bytes)

Clapham Snowflake, 25b W, (RT Jones 2000)
Second year for this cultivar.  Nice grower - about 4-5ft high small leaves on thick, straight stems. Blooms again too late for the shows even though stopping date brought forward by several weeks, again running out of petal but no damping at all (in bags). Blooms flat-bottomed. Will not grow again.

cs1.jpg (20383 bytes)

Sarah Louise, 15b W, (Woolmans Plants 2001)
A new cultivar that brings with it a reputation of good performance as a seedling. A Chessington/Chesterfield cross. Rooted cuttings received from the supplier early February and stopped 9th April. Health and habit good, medium/large leaves, strong stems. Height about 3ft 6 inches. Unfortunately all blooms rotted in the bags when about half out, other cultivars grown alongside had no problems.  A number of growers in both the Midlands and Cumbria have also reported a similar experience with this cultivar. Blooms were also too small to compete with todays mediums. Will not grow again.
sl-rot2.jpg (9957 bytes)sl3.jpg (11827 bytes)
Darlington Anniversary, 25b , (Woolmans Plants 2001)
Ordered a dozen plants and the supplier sent me 6 each of two cultivars, which only became apparent at the 5 inch pot stage. Both were grown because, being new, it was not obvious which was Darlington Anniversary. As it happens neither turned out to be Darlington Anniversary, in fact they were later confirmed as un-named seedlings not yet registered.  Another grower in Cumbria had a similar experience after ordering this cultivar. See additional picture below for both cultivars. On this basis I am unable to comment on the qualities of Darlington Anniversary.
da.jpg (11522 bytes)
Sophia Elizabeth, 24a W, (Woolmans Plants 2001)
Comments received from one grower in Cumbria (North West of England) "Sophia Elizabeth a complete disaster - came out like a large white single and damped."
no picture

Other novelties seen this year:

daisy-may.jpg (17767 bytes)

billy-bell.jpg (13907 bytes)

Daisy May

Billy Bell

mf.jpg (12163 bytes)

jack-kendrick.jpg (18742 bytes)

Monica Freestone

Jack Kendrick

dax2.jpg (23077 bytes)

Purchased and grown as Darlington Anniversary but actually two un-named seedlings. 

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Last updated on 18 December, 2001