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2002 Paul Barlow

Novelty Report  2002

Not a vintage year for new cultivars!

Joyce Frieda 13b Y, (Lawson/Woolmans 2002)
Good pre-release reports on this cultivars suggested it should be worth a try. Plants received early March and stopped 24th March. While remaining healthy throughout the season some plants did not break easily after the stop, this resulted in slow and spindly growth. One plant performed as expected and produced good sized blooms from 3rd week in September.
Hard, crisp, petals with good incurving form. Appx 4ft at flowering time. No health issues. Will grow again 

The following information was received from Roland Crellin:

Regarding last years releases I have seen at a growers plot in Penrith 2 varieties:

Saint James  25b LB (Lawson/Woolmans 2002)
4 plants grown 2 up, poor and small
Grace Wade 25b LB (Riley/Woolmans 2002)
4 plants - 3 flowered 2 up useful, flowered end September from 10th April stop. 
1 plant flowered 1 up due to an accident was very big and rough.

no pictures available

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Last updated on 24 October, 2002