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2001 Paul Barlow

Novelty Reports 1997/98

Novelties are new cultivars in their first and second year after release. Our reports cover Early disbud and spray cultivars.



Information in this page is based on reports
growers in Scotland

Contributors of information:

A - Aberdeen      D - Dundee     F - Fraserburgh       Fr - Forfar


1998 was not a particularly good year for new chrysanthemum cultivars. This follows the trend started last year with a continuing lack of good quality introductions. As predicted last year we are clearly missing Rileys Nuseries and their ability to produce new, high quality blooms and sprays for the showbench. However we do have some reports for first and second year novelties, supplemented this year by a look at one or two 'oldies' making a come back on our showbenches.

REFLEXED CULTIVARS - Sections 14 and 24

Amber John Wingfield 14b, Bronze (Charlton) D
Rooted 1st January and stopped 1st April. Plants reached 4ft" and flowered at the end of August/early September. Two blooms per plant on good strong stems, both health and foliage considered excellent. Both bloom form and colour also very good. This reporter is very pleased with this cultivar and will definitely grow again next year.

Satin Venice, 24b, Light Pink (Riley ) D
Rooted 1st January and stopped 1st April. Plants reached 6ft 6" and flowered at the end of September/early October. Two blooms per plant on good strong stems, both health and foliage considered good. This reporter feels it is far too late but may be prepared to try one more time.


Yellow Rachel Knowles, 25a, Yellow (Oldham) F
Bought in plants received 27th January and stopped 17-26th March. Grown two up, plants reached between 4-5ft and produced blooms from early September onwards. Stems were strong, health was good and foliage on the small side. Bloom form was poor - blooms were square shaped with lower petals going soft before the bloom was fully out. Colour was very little different to the Primrose sport. Will not be grown again by this reporter.

Primrose Rachel Knowles, 25a, Light Yellow (Oldham) A/F
Received from the raiser during February and stopped 18th March.. Grown 2 up, plants reached 5-5'6" and flowered from mid September onwards. Good stems reported with no horizontal cracking that is often experienced with the Rachel Knowles family. One grower reports large, coarse blooms. Health and leaves both considered good. One reporter will grow again in 1998.

Bernadette Wade, 25b, Bronze (Woolman) A/D
Bought in plants received January and February and stopped 1st April. Grown two up plants reached 7ft and did not produce blooms before mid October. Stems poor and thin requiring full support right up to the bloom. Health also considered poor: foliage small. Colour good and bloom form reasonable. A candidate for reclassification to October flowering. One reporter prepared to give it one more try next year.


Pennine Click, 29c, White (Woolmans) D
Bought in plants stopped mid April. 4 breaks per plant allowed to develop to produce blooms for end August/early September. Habit and health reported as good but considered more suitable for garden use rather than exhibition. Will be grown again.

Old cultivars making a bit of a comeback ....

Vanessa Lynn, 25b W (Rileys')
This cultivar is a pure white medium reflexed and was first introduced in 1975 by Rileys' Nurseries. Overshadowed perhaps by John Wingfield in recent years it is beginning to reappear in winning exhibits. Typically rooted in January and stopped mid April this cultivar will produce large, neat blooms from end August onwards. This cultivar also responds to 'run on' treatment. Taking out the first crown bud mid June and running on the first sideshoot below the bud will produce good quality blooms at the end of September. Best grown two blooms per plant.

New Stylist, 25b Y (Rileys')
Introduced by Rileys Nurseries in 1971 this cultivar is a lovely, light yellow medium reflexed that typically displays a characteristic whorling of the petals. Rooted in January and stopped towards the end of April this cultivar will produce blooms for early September. For good size 2 blooms per plant is recommended.

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Last updated on 18 December, 2001