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2001 Paul Barlow

Novelty Reports 1998/99

Novelties are new cultivars in their first and second year after release. Our reports cover Early disbud and spray cultivars.



Information in this page is based on reports
growers in Scotland

Sources of information:

A - Aberdeen     D - Dundee     F - Fraserburgh     I - Inverallochy     S - Stuartfield

REFLEXED CULTIVARS - Sections 14 and 24

Peach John Wingfield 14b, Other Colours (Garratt) S
Rooted appx 7th December stopped 21st March onwards. Plants reached 5ft and flowered mid September. Two blooms per plant on good strong stems, both health and foliage similar to the parent. Bloom colour described as very distinctive. This reporter predicts that this sport will become one of the most popular in the Wingfield family and will definitely grow again next year.

Gold John Wingfield 14b, Yellow (Charlton) D/S
Rooted appx 7th December stopped 26th March onwards. Plants reached 4ft 6" and flowered third week in September through to mid October. Two blooms per plant on good strong stems, mixed reports on health and foliage, ranging from good to very poor. One grower reports lots of petal and bloom colour described as strong yellow, making the current Yellow John Wingfield look primrose. The other grower reported blooms malformed and very late. One grower prepared to grow again next year.

Benjamin Joseph, 24b, Other Colours (Lawson) I
Plants received from the supplier 5th February and stopped 5th May. Grown two blooms per plant to give flowers mid September, plants about 4ft in height. Heavy stem with large, light green foliage, health good. Blooms finished well, a soft peach colour with no damping. Will grow again.


Clapham Delight, 23a, Cream (Jones) F
Plants received from the raiser on 12th January and stopped 1st March. Plants were grown two up and flowered at about 3ft 3ins giving blooms for early September. Good in all aspects of growth - foliage, stem and general health. Considered to be very easy to grow and very consistent. Will be grown again.

Lilac Chessington, 25a, Light Purple (Innes) A/F
Rooted December 6-17thth and stopped 6th -25th March, Plants reduced to one bloom and reached 5ft in height. Blooms available from mid August with one grower and mid September with the other. Early blooms damped in hot conditions in August. Medium weight stem good health and typical Chessington foliage. Good colour and form; not as large as the Primrose sport, but promising. Will be grown again.

Albert Hall, 25a, White (Freestone) F
Plants rooted 10th December and stopped 30th March. Flowered two blooms per plant on plants around 4ft 6in in height. Blooms available from mid October onwards. Heavyweight stems with medium foliage, health good. Bloom size and form good but too late. Will not grow again.

Kathryn Hockedy, 25A, White (Hockedy) F
Plants received from the raiser on 12th January and stopped 1st March. Plants were grown two up and flowered at about 4ft 9ins, blooms were ready for mid September. Good in all aspects of growth: foliage described as attractive, hard and leathery, stems strong and general health very good. An excellent, distinctive plant that stands out on the plot, blooms were of good form, hard petalled and pure white. Will be grown again but one up.

Wine Carlene Welby, 25b, Light Purple, (Charlton) D
Received from the supplier 1st February and stopped 1st April. Flowered at around 5ft mid September with two blooms per plant. Stem, health and foliage all considered good. Blooms smaller than the parent but with pleasant colour. Will probably grow again.

Bronze Carlene Welby, 15b, Bronze (Woolman) I
Received from the supplier 5th February and stooped 1st April. Plants were grown two up and reached 4ft 6in at flowering time in mid September. Stems medium sized, health good with medium sized foliage. Blooms smaller than the parent but form considered good. Will grow again next year.

Teddy Northcote, 25b, White (Freestone) S
Plants rooted mid December and stopped 1st March. Plants were grown two up and flowered at just over 5ft for the third week in September. Slender stems with small foliage and when in flower looked top heavy. Considered to be a big flower for a medium but cylindrical in shape. Will not be grown again.

Pryce Thompson, 25b, Yellow, (Freestone) S
Plants were rooted 15th December and stopped 28th March. Plants were grown two up and flowered at about 4ft. An early flower in 1999 with blooms ready third week in August. A good strong stem with good foliage, a light coloured plant compared with some others. Blooms considered good form, quite hard and reasonable size. Will try again next year with a later stop.

Bernadette Wade, 25b, Light Bronze (Woolman) D
Rooted 1st January and stopped 1st April. Grown two up plants reached over 6ft and produced blooms mid to end September. Stems good and strong, health and foliage good. Considered too tall and not good enough to raise the frame height for one cultivar.


Southway Snoopy, 29d, White (Southway) A
Received from the raiser in March and stopped 18th April. Grown unprotected as a Natural spray with 4 stems per plant this gave stems ready for exhibition during the first week in September. Height about 3ft 6in, health and vigour considered good an excellent white single with good size in the flowers. Will be grown again, possibly as exhibition under cover.

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